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Beats Powerbeats3 Review – Wireless In-Ear Headphone

Introduction – Beats and Powerbeats3

Originally, Beats Electronics were called Beats by Dr. Dre. They are the manufacturer of this exquisite headphone set, so it’s only fitting to explain why are Beats so good? That would give you a clear perception of the manufacturing process and the performance of Superbeats.

Beats by Dr. Dre

You might have heard about this famous rapper, but if you didn’t, he’s name is Andre Romelle Young, and is famously known as Dr. Dre. He’s the leading hand that orchestrated the entire process of making Powerbeats, Powerbeats2, and Powerbeats3 of which we speak.

This prominent musician knows the value of good music, so he gathered a team of experts who will help him relay his musical taste to the ears of people in need of good headphones. The brand was sought by Apple in 2014, further improving the technique of headphone and earbud creation.

Features of Powerbeats3 – What makes these headphones unique?

Features of Powerbeats3At first sight, you couldn’t say nearly anything about this headphone set. They’re quite small, but they sure are powerful. Upon closer inspection, you can easily say that Powerbeats3 have a

  • Bluetooth connection,
  • exceptionally capable battery,
  • Sweat & water resistance, and
  • Fast Fuel feature.

This is what Powerbeats 3 is comprised of, but there’s more – it is available for purchase in various colors and models. Each color has its own design and specific attributes, but we will speak about it shortly. For now, let’s see what the features are.

The Bluetooth Connection

You can easily deduce that these headphones are wireless since the only cords they have is the one that connects the earbuds. There are a lot of views on “Why is this so important”, so if you’re asking the same question, we’re more than happy to provide several answers.
First of all, it’s pretty much obvious that wireless headphones are easier to use. They don’t require you to constantly watch over the cable. Simply turn your Bluetooth on, connect your earphones, and you’re set to go.

Want to check other Wireless headphones? Here is our 10 Best Wireless Headphones for TV buying guide.

Secondly, Wireless Headphones are more versatile. You can take them to your morning jog, play your music for inspiration while you are in the gym or out practicing, or conveniently enjoy a piece of mind while you’re relaxing at home. You won’t be able to do most of these things with regular earphones as they tend to fall out of place after minor turbulence.

Lastly, you will never experience the problem of tangled cords. This is one of the problems that people hate the most when it happens, as it takes quite a lot of time to undo. The wireless phones are naturally incapable of suffering such a fate.

The Phenomenal Battery

The long playtime usually means a lot of fun, and vice versa. If your phone shuts down, it’s a different problem, but earphones that are equipped with batteries with low lifespan are a completely different story.

Imagine that you’re enjoying yourself at home during the chilly winter seasons – the snow gently falls, the vibrant lights shine from your Christmas tree, you’re listening to your favorite song, and the battery shuts down. It can be quite a bummer. But it’s even worse if you’re stuck in traffic with nothing to do except enjoy your music. Long battery lifespan takes care of these problems.

Outstanding Features

Powerbeats 3 featuresThere’s quite a lot of which we can speak when it comes to the outstanding features of Powerbeats3. We’ve already mentioned that it’s supplied with a battery that has a long lifespan, but there’s a feature that further improves it.

The Fast Fuel feature is supposed to give your Powerbeats 3 headphones a second wind when the battery is already low. Usually, most wireless headphone models would perform with reduced capacity, but that’s not the case here. This exceptional feature gives you an entire hour of additional playback just before the battery runs short. It’s very useful for longer trips.

Even though we will speak about the durability of Powerbeats 3 shortly, it wouldn’t be fitting to exclude the water and sweat resistances. It might not appear as a useful feature until you drop your headphones in water by accident. The sweat resistance is an obvious indicator that your Powerbeats 3 headphones will be safe while you’re practicing or exercising.

The Design of Powerbeats 3 – Looking good, feeling good

Design of Powerbeats3 is, as we mentioned before, relatively plain and simple. They’re standard Over-Ear earphones that are comprised of two earbuds, and a cable that connects them. However, that can’t be qualified as the description, so let’s get further into detail.

Powerbeats 3 earphones have several features in their design that make them extremely valuable. Some of those are the Secure-Fit design, High durability, amazing comfortability, and you can purchase them in different colors. Let’s see how this affects the overall value of Powerbeats 3.

The Secure-Fit Design

Those hooks that are supposed to be affixed to your ears are specifically called the Secure-Fit hooks. They can be used to finely attune the dimensions of the plastic which will hold the earphones tightly over your ears.

Most people can’t see the importance of fit. How you feel when you put the earbuds in your ears is mainly determined by the diameter of the earbuds, but you simply can’t enjoy your music if they keep falling off. The Secure-Fit is there to help you with this issue.

High Durability

By saying that something is durable, we imply that it won’t break on impact or anything similar, for that matter. But when we say that something is highly durable, we mean that you won’t be able to break it down easily. This is exactly the case with Powerbeats3 – they’re strong, firm, water, and sweat resistant.

However, they’re not invincible – they will be damaged if you don’t take care of them, but they can easily endure some water. Take this into account when you consider whether or not you like them – you can never know when it’s going to rain, and most headphones will get ruined the moment you sweat a drop more than you should.

Very comfortable to wear

The comfortability is tightly connected with the fit of your headphones and in an even tighter connection to your music experience. The headphones that offer the best sound output would be deemed useless if they were uncomfortable to wear.

Now that we’ve cleared that block, we can proceed to explain “why are Powerbeats3 so comfortable?”. The answer is quite easy – you decide if they fit or not, for starters. Use the adjustable hooks to make them fit. Anyhow, there’s a more important reason – the earbuds are made from very soft materials that are smooth as a piece of heaven.

You won’t even feel them in your ears, and you might get struck at some points, wondering are you even listening to the music via earphones, or is the music in your head? That being said, it’s safe to conclude that they’re practically weightless. That becomes important at the same moment you realize how cumbersome some overhead headphones can be.

Available in different colors

This is a pretty standard feature, but what’s not so average about it is that each color has different specifications behind the model. Different colors also mean different prices, so let’s get to it before it gets confusing.

The standard Powerbeats3 model is plain black, and it shares the same price as Powerbeats3 Flash Blue and Powerbeats3 Siren Red.

Regular White and Shock Yellow are slightly cheaper. The reason behind the different pricing is mainly because some models go out of stock faster than the others.

The Performance of Powerbeats3

Powerbeats3 is a set of very versatile headphones. They can be used in whatever atmosphere you want, from casual listening to music to exhausting exercises at the gym.

The long battery lifespan makes them usable for quite a while, the Secure-Fit and soft earbuds make them comfortable, and the high-quality sound performance gives you the complete sound experience. Overall, we’d say that these earphones perform quite well.

Powerbeats series: The “good” and “bad” about Powerbeats 3

We’ve mentioned most of the “good” parts of Powerbeats3, but we didn’t say that it’s perfect. There are some flaws that you need to be aware of but know that these flaws are easily compensated for by the staggering number of exceptional features. Anyhow, let’s keep it simple:

The summary of “good” about Powerbeats 3:

  • An improvement over the previous model (Powerbeats2)
  • Secure-Fit hooks
  • Extremely reliable
  • The W1 chip for easy pairing

The summary of “bad” about Powerbeats 3

  • Quite pricey

The Conclusion

Looking for a budget In-ear headphone? We have a solution for that too. Visit our 10 Best Earbuds Under $50 buying guide.

This concludes the Powerbeats3 review, so we hope that it has been useful. If the information was too scientific, we can deliver a plain one to replace it – The Powerbeats3 headphone set is very valuable because it’s extremely easy and comfortable to use, it delivers music of high quality, but it’s quite expensive.


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