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Black Friday Headphones 2016

Time Remain

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Black Friday is approaching fast and everyone is prepared for more shopping.

As you are here right now, We can presume you are also in rush to buy new Headphone in this Black Friday. Why not, audiophile like us love our audio gears so much that we can’t afford to loose such time in the year to buy our new gear. Skipping much talking, lets see which headphones we can buy right now.

7 Best Headphones under $100

Here in this post, we presented TOP Selling, Best Headphones under $100 and that have a sale also. Mean, every headphone you buy, You’ll save there.

[title style=”bold” text=”Photive PH-BTH3 Over The Ear Wireless Stereo Headphone” icon=”icon-menu”] [row] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″]

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Listen to your favorite tunes with the Photive PH-BT3 wireless headphones designed with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This multifunctional pair of headphones will deliver amazing sound quality and lasting comfort.

Featuring a lithium-ion battery that will give you up to 12 hours of uninterrupted playtime, and charges completely in only 3 hours.

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The lightweight, slim design of the PH-BTH3 headphones also makes it an excellent travel companion. The headphones come with their own hard travel case.

[/col] [/row] [divider align=”center”] [title style=”bold” text=”Koss UR40 Collapsible Over-Ear Headphones” icon=”icon-menu”] [row] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″]

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  • Hybrid Design Combines The Best Of Closed-Style and Open-Style Headphones
  • Closed Leatherette Ear Cushions Form A Light Seal Around The Ears
  • Screened Ear Cups Provide An Open, Hear-Through Sound
  • Adjustable Headband Accommodates All Head Shapes and Sizes
  • Wide, 15 to 22,000 Hz frequency response
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  • Titanium-coated, high-polymer diaphragms deliver accurate sound
  • Neodymium iron boron rare-earth-magnet structures for accurate sound reproduction
[/col] [/row] [divider align=”center”] [title style=”bold” text=”Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier and Mic” icon=”icon-menu”] [row] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_image id=”3529″ link=”http://amzn.to/2fcGkWP”] [gap] [/col] [col span=”8″ span__sm=”12″] [row_inner] [col_inner span=”8″ span__sm=”12″]
  • Sensation55 Driver – The Sensation55 is Skullcandy’s patent-pending bass extension driver. Through this driver, the Crusher delivers a powerful and realistic bass experience that transforms your audio into bass you can feel.
  • REX40 Driver – The REX40 is designed from the ground up by their world-class audio engineering team and delivers an extremely smooth frequency response with minimal distortion – tuned for your playlist.
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  • Acoustical Porting – Within the construction of the ear cup, our specially designed acoustical porting allows both drivers to move freely, increasing the bass and reducing distortion.
  • Built-in amplifier – No more bulky in-line amplifier. The new Crusher draws its power from a premium battery (AA) powered amp hidden in the ear cup.
  • Adjustable Bass Control – The bass sensation slider on the left ear cup allows you to adjust the sensation levels to your preference or playlist.
[/col] [/row] [divider align=”center”] [title style=”bold” text=”Geega Wireless Over Ear Headphones” icon=”icon-menu”] [row] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″]

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Universal compatible stable and faster connection Bluetooth 4.0 wireless over ear headphones for Bluetooth enable TV, Apple iPhone 6s 6 5s 5c, iPod Touch, iPad Air 2 mini 3, Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeS5 S4, Note 4 3, Nexus 6, HTC, Sony Xperia, LG, Nokia, Motorola Moto, Blackberry and most Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS system Bluetooth enable mobiles, cell phones, computer, laptop and tablet PC

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  • UNIQUE aptX CODEC clear and comfortable lightweight television earphones to delivery high definition CD-like super bass quality sound; folding and adjustable headband with closed back ear cups by sound proof memory foam cushion for noise isolation and reducing; ideal for super clean clarity quiet no distortion music enjoyment during flight, on the street, sports stadium, car, vehicle , motorcycle, truck , bus and any other noisy environment
  • MULTIFUNCTION BUTTON CONTROL cordless TV stereo headsets with built in microphone for hands free call answer/end/reject/ transfer/mute/ last number redial, volume and track control; dual connections with 2 Bluetooth devices (e.g. cell phone and tablet PC) and easy switch to get convenience balance between professional business life and personal life
  • RECHARGEABLE Portable DVD player studio headphones with carrying case and 3.5mm audio-in jack for easy wrap around and non-Bluetooth device; durable headphones with power status shown on iOS device and up to 540 hours standby time and 14 hours playing time
  • CLASSIC STYLISH black and red cool guitar drummer DJ full size headphones with rich bass, distinct tremble and well balanced impressive mid and high range; 30 days money back guarantee and 12 months warranty
[/col] [/row] [divider align=”center”] [title style=”bold” text=”Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones”] [row] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″]

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  • Featuring the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 standard with aptX technology, the Razer Adaro Wireless easily connects to your Bluetooth audio devices, providing pristine CD-quality audio for up to 20 hours.
  • Packing high performance, custom-tuned 40mm neodymium magnet drivers, the Razer Adaro Wireless delivers crisp, natural sounding acoustics for an amazing audio experience.
  • With its brilliant Razer Adaro sound, wireless portability and comfortable form factor, the Razer Adaro Wireless are the perfect headphones for cord-free music enjoyment on the go.
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  • The headphone’s large, sonically balanced drivers deliver rich, natural sounding acoustics and hard hitting bass, perfect for spinning behind the console or jamming to tracks on the go.
  • These potent drivers are housed in mixing and monitoring-friendly, padded ear cups that swivel, rotate and collapse into a small, compact form factor.
  • Our industrial design team worked closely with our engineers to perfect a design with a mix of metals and plastic – one that is super lightweight, yet able to take a beating.
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  • The Razer Adaro DJ’s swappable cable system allows for easy swapping between the included coiled and straight cables to suit your needs. Collapse the ear cups and stow the headphones away in the carrying case, and you’re all set for the next gig.
  • This functional design is complemented by an adjustable headband and plush ear cushions for a comfortable, snug fit even after prolonged use. Built for all-day listening, we made no compromise on comfort or durability with the Razer Adaro DJ.
[/col] [/row] [divider align=”center”] [title style=”bold” text=”Sentey Throrx LS-4430 Audiophile Metal Band Headphone”] [row] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_image id=”3544″ link=”http://amzn.to/2fbydMA”] [/col] [col span=”8″ span__sm=”12″] [row_inner] [col_inner span=”8″ span__sm=”12″]

IN-LINE Mic CONTROL : tangle free flat audio cable with easy detachable cable technology allows safe transport without bending your cable when storing your headphones in folding position. Single 3.5mm jack: no hassle with cables around your neck with a single 3.5mm jack input provides easy and secure usage. Omnidirectional microphone built for last technology makes a strong and durable audio headphone / A long headphone extension cable to make easy your usability.

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the brushed metal gives a luxurious premium feel to the headphones as well as being strong and robust to look great for many years. Foldable headphone for easy storage, adjustable headband. Included a deluxe carry case, which makes it an awesome traveling companion, for easy transportation & care. Sentey ThorX Headphones lets you easily fold it up and store, making it great solution for on the go audio.


you can jam to the beat of own music with ThorX. High definition stereo headphones provides more exact and natural sound than traditional stereo and a major step forward in the modern listening experience . Over ear noise isolation pads: The closed protein ear cushion blacks noise in almost any environment for better guaranteed comfort. Built-in Mic for hands free talk functionality. This is a great music headphone to use everyday

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with mids and drop it like its hot bass through pristine high performance neodymium backed 40mm drivers. AUX line in allows music playback from various devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC and much more. Not to mention audiophile-loving, award-winning sound, Sentey ThorX headphones are the go-to for any music lover, record remixer, or bold city-goer

This SenteyY ThorX

you can use like an excellent Athletic headphone and have a quality of the professional headphone. Clean bass, mid and treble. Well equalized. Play/Pause, Answer/Hang up control compatible with other brands such as Sony®, Android®, Kindle®, Samsung® and others. Volume control only compatible with Apple® devices, iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, MacBook®

[/col] [/row] [divider align=”center”] [title style=”bold” text=”Modern Portable HIFI ELITE Super66 Over Ear Wireless headphones”] [row] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_image id=”3519″ link=”http://amzn.to/2eedHXg”] [/col] [col span=”8″ span__sm=”12″] [row_inner] [col_inner span=”8″ span__sm=”12″]

The worlds #1 Best Value Hi-Fidelity headphones on the market. Distortion free audio even at the highest volume level.

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  • Deep, powerful and balanced sound for music, movies and games from your smartphones or tablets. Noise isolating for travel, work, on the go or wherever life takes you.
  • CNET: “these noise-isolating over-the-ear ‘phones look and sound like they cost a lot more.” “…the Super 66s look and feel substantial, with a brushed-metal band that folds for easier storage and heavily cushioned earcups — the latter definitely among the more comfortable I’ve ever worn… the headphones sound superb.” – RIch Broida, CNET
  • Listen to audio from your music library, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, Apple music, iHeart Radio, or any music service you use from your smartphone or tablet.
  • NATIONAL COLUMNIST, Don Lindich (Read by Millions worldwide) said, “Compared to $300 Beats headphones, the Super 66 sounds better. This may surprise the general public, but not audiophiles.” –Said, Don Lindich, Sound Advice & Tribune News Service. Featured in San Jose Mercury News and Tech Columns across the country. HI-FIDELITY, Headphones That Will Knock Your Socks Off with INCREDIBLE AUDIO
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