What are the Surround Sound Headphones? Surround sound headphones are the types of headphones that come supplied with superior sound output when compared to other categories of headphones. Their audio performance capabilities exceed that of any other headphone set in many ways – the listening experience is full and unobstructed, the fatigue can hardly be […]

Introduction – Beats Tour 2 Beats Tour 2 is a set of In-Ear headphones that comes supplied with a lot of features that excel in sound performance. The overall design of these earphones is quite basic, and the durability is beyond satisfactory. However, there are a lot of things that make this headphone set unique, […]

The main reason why we’re mentioning the best models of Radio Headphones in the era of internet and wireless convenience is because people started going back to their roots. Radio stations operate at full capacity and it’s safe to say that AM/FM is back. We’re here to give you the information on the best radio […]

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Review Skullcandy is one of the leading brands in the music industry, and they’ve made themselves known to the public by gracing the market with the highest quality earphones and earbuds. Their vast assortment includes Over-ear headphones, In-ear earbuds, overhead headphones, and more. This is a Skullcandy Hesh 2 Review post and […]

BÖHM Audio is specialized in Sound quality. BOHM Headphones and Speakers are well known among the sound engineers and audiophiles due to the high-quality sound of BÖHM. Other specialty of BOHM Headphones are BOHM Headphones A specialty of BOHM Headphones is, they all are Wireless though different devices used different versions of Bluetooth. In this post, […]

A word or two about Bose and QuietControl Bose Bose Corporation (otherwise known as Bose), is a corporation that primarily deals with musical equipment, their designs, and import. The founder of this great company is Amar G. Bose (hence the name). We’re mainly interested in Bose QuietControl 30 which belongs to their series of headphones, […]

Searching for headphones can be a troublesome task – there are a lot of manufacturers that make all kinds of models which can be ranked by their quality, durability, and price. If you want a headpiece set that is not too expensive while offering great sound quality, we might be of some help. We’re here […]

Introduction – Beats and Powerbeats3 Originally, Beats Electronics were called Beats by Dr. Dre. They are the manufacturer of this exquisite headphone set, so it’s only fitting to explain why are Beats so good? That would give you a clear perception of the manufacturing process and the performance of Superbeats. Beats by Dr. Dre You […]

Using a Wireless headphone is a much better choice than using Wired headphones. But the wireless feature comes with a higher price which is not always the best option. This 10 Cheap Wireless Headphones buying guide is created exactly for that reason. But if you still love the quality expensive headphones offer, you can check our article […]

iClever BoostCare Kids Headphones with Removable Silicone Reindeer Horns Perfect Christmas Headphone Gift for kids Most of the headphones are made by targeting a specific type of use or for adult peoples only. Best headphones for running and jogging isn’t the best headphone for Gamers. Top gaming headphones are not perfect for a music studio. All […]