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iClever XFree Mini Review – Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones

iClever XFree Mini Wireless In-ear Headphone

Doing sport is better off with good music on. Jogging outside or lifting weights in the gym with music on feels more right and stimulates productivity. That’s why having a reliable pair of sports headphones is essential. iClever XFree Mini Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones are surprisingly lightweight and portable In-ear Headphone suitable for Sports and Gym Activity. Furthermore, the manufacturer promises that they were packed with the most premium features in order to ensure the impeccable performance.

Spending some time with them, we learned about these features and tested them. In this review, we will unveil the results of these tests and highlight their main peaks, but also drawbacks, if there are any.

iClever Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Earbuds with Stereo Music
iClever Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Earbuds with Stereo Music
10 HOURS Playtime, Magnetic Connection, CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling, Waterproof Sports Headphones for iPhone 8 - XFree Mini

iClever XFree – Features

Bluetooth v4.1

The use of the wireless headphones is extendedly increasing. For the needs of sports, many people prefer being free of wires and thus of inconveniences or accidents. iClever XFree Mini streams the music over the latest technology of Bluetooth v4.1. The apt-X codec is an unavoidable technology in providing a rich and dynamic bass, along with the wide soundstage.

iClever XFree Mini Wireless In-ear Headphone
iClever XFree Mini Wireless In-ear Headphone

Bluetooth on these headphones offers a strong and steady connection. The connectivity process itself takes less than a minute. Additionally, music is effortlessly streaming from the phone even while it’s in the pocket. As in this case, the connectivity range is around 33 feet (10 meters).

CVC Noise Cancelling

With gyms and the sounds of the street being overwhelming at times. The manufacturer invented the CVC Noise Cancelling technology in the iClever XFree. The version 6.0 does a superb job at making you discreet with your favorite music.

The technology works consistently and closes down 90% of the outside noise. The CSR chips and inline microphones reflect the outside noise and channel it away from the ear. If you are listening to the music in the public transport or plane, rest assured that nobody else will hear your music. Understandably, they are earbuds but we found iClever XFree very reliable in terms of noise cancellation.

Water resistance

We decided to test the headphones for the water resistance while working out and listening to the music. We all sweat and this time, it wasn’t an exception. The headphones have endured well and nothing seemed to be malfunctioning.

This is the result of aircraft aluminum design and durable build that we will take a grip of in the design section. So far, as we understood the manufacturer, the headphones will endure well even in the rain. This gives us a conclusion that headphones will only give up in case of massive splashing, so don’t think about throwing these in the water. As much as it sounds exciting, these headphones don’t get along with water sports.

iClever XFree offers a consistent list of features. However, we consider the surrounding competition stronger at them. We give iClever XFree 4 out of 5, though that certainly doesn’t make it a bad headphone to start with.

iClever XFree – Design

When it comes to design, there is a lot to say. Upon a closer look, we saw that iClever XFree is intelligently built and designed. In fact, despite being an ear bud type of headphones, we are inspired by the lightweight construction manufacturer offers. Headphones weigh only 0.5 ounces (13 grams), meaning that you won’t even notice it. Let’s take a look at the other features in terms of design.


Like we mentioned above, the headphones are fully constructed from aircraft aluminum housing. We are quite proud of that, given that the vast majority of waterproofed headphones host the plastic housing. However, not iClever XFree Mini.

After careful testing, we assured ourselves in the headphones durability. They flap during training and our activity and we are satisfied with the durability even after the applied force and pressure. The headphones promise uncompromised sturdiness. But, don’t overdo with the abusing, nothing is indestructible.

Secure Fit

The headphones are equipped with the ergonomic frame that ensures that the headphones safely attach to your ears and stay there even during the most intense workouts. It is important to note that the manufacturer ensured that the buds fit your ear, which is why there are three different types of earbuds.

iClever Xfree Mini Earpads
iClever Xfree Mini Earpads

The silicon fin fits comfortable to the ear. Like mentioned, regardless of the size. Additionally, they will nicely snug without causing inconvenience, headache, dizziness or cause your ears to sweat.

The Magnetic Connection

Inside each headphone, there are magnets that can clip together. This feature is useful for those who eventually get tired of listening to the music and want to rest headphones on their shoulders. This also helps ensure the durable storage, the headphones won’t wave around and get damaged.

Moreover, we are sure that the earbuds look like a stylish fashion detail, wrapped around your neck.

iClever XFree is a masterpiece in terms of design. We are enjoying their durability so far. And we find the nano-fiber very thoughtful in order to preserve the headphones and sports spirit from rain and sweating while keeping the lightweight and durable aluminum construction.

The headphones are enough comfortable to be worn for extended amounts of time, thus we don’t see a reason not to reward them with 5 out of 5.

iClever XFree Performance

We saw that either design and features are rich and useful, especially the waterproof feature. XFree is equipped with everything necessary to be considered a decent headphone. But, it is the performance that makes us decide whether is a certain pair of headphones worth it. In the further lines, we will focus on sound performance, controls, and battery life.

iClever XFree Mini Wireless In-ear Headphone
iClever XFree Mini Wireless In-ear Headphone

The Sound Quality

For true audiophiles, the sound quality is the most important information they need from a headphone. Despite being a budget headphone, iClever XFree surprised us with dynamic and punchy bass. It is mainly because of the apt-X and CSR chips, but also the 8mm dynamic speaker that produces a distortion-free, prominent mids and rich treble. The sound quality is appealing especially to those who cherish detail and accuracy above all.

The remote control and CVC noise-canceling microphone

Most budget-friendly models aren’t proud of their flimsy controls. With the knowledge that they rarely don’t break, iClever XFree was developed with a durable and sturdy remote control. The manufacturer promises that each one of them was exposed to a 20,000 clicks test to make sure they can withstand the pressure.

The keys are responsive to our gestures. Aside from blue LED indicator, the volume up and down controls share the button with the next and previous song commands. In the middle is the Bluetooth button, which is turned on and paired with the mobile phone in the environment.

Of course, the remote ensures a hands-free call making thanks to the CVC-equipped, noise-canceling, in-line microphone. Calls we made were sufficiently loud and clear. Despite the noise from running or gym, we succeeded in maintaining a hearable and understandable conversation. Being noise-canceling, microphone isolates your background, allowing your interlocutor to hear you perfectly.

Battery life

While it takes only 1.5 hours to refill its’ juice, batteries that the iClever XFree is equipped with aren’t promising the uncompromised performance. Depending on usage, the battery is able to withstand 8 to 10 hours of playtime with the volume hitting only 50%.

Unfortunately, that makes iClever XFree fall back behind the competition with the similar price range. The vast majority of Bluetooth earbuds promises 15 to even 25 hours of consistent battery life. Make sure to be cautious with your music and you won’t have to worry about the battery running out of juice.

The battery is a let-down. As such, we award these headphones with 4 out of 5.

Value for the Price

Finding an uncompromising model of wireless headphones nowadays is nearly impossible, especially at a normal price. Unfortunately, not everyone can settle for the best. Luckily, iClever XFree is a sub-$50 model worth every penny. It is loaded with a great variety of features that can improve your music experience and allow you to dive into the melodic world you haven’t known before. After our thorough review, iClever XFree belongs to a group of Bluetooth headphones ideal for outdoor lovers with a tight budget.

  • Great value
  • Stellar performance
  • Strong Bluetooth and noise canceling capabilities
  • Water resistant
  • The battery life is barely considered average.

Final Verdict

After in-depth testing and analyzing, iClever XFree mini magnetic Bluetooth headphones are a great workout companion. In order to ensure a respectable pricing, many models have something to sacrifice. In case of these headphones, that is the battery life. Nevertheless, iClever XFree Mini Sports a lot of valuable features that make it a must-have workout gadget.

SoundSport Free – Bose’s first Truly Wireless Earbud to kill AirPods

Bose SoundSport Free With Case / Credit: Bose.com
Bose SoundSport Free In-ear Wireless Headphone / Credit: Bose.com

After the unveiling of Bose QC 35 II high-end headphones with Google Assistant, Bose proved to have another ace up their sleeve. This time, it is something slightly different. Aside from SoundWear companion speaker that wraps around your neck, there is a new SoundSport Free In-ear Headphone.

Did Apple AirPods get a well-worth rival? Continue reading through this compelling article to learn more about the latest Bose SoundSport Free In-ear headphones and whether they live up to the challenge.

SoundSport is completely wireless pair of headphones, dedicated to athletes and everyone who wants to maximize their mobility whether it is about completing a workout, studying, or doing anything in particular. For its primary purpose, sport, Bose has ensured that they were water and sweat resistance (With Ipx4 rating), allowing the users to soak, as long they won’t use the headphones while swimming.

Another beneficial feature of these wonderfully engineered earbuds is that they are weighing light as near as feather, ensuring further portability. Each earbud weighs 0.35 ounces while measuring only 1.1-inches high.

Anyone who has been using wireless headphones knows that the Bluetooth reliability is not always in its place. Whether it is wall, wind or other obstacles, it is nearly impossible that the headphones will be connected to the phone always. With that in mind, Bose features an innovative antennae system for a cover-range of 30 feet away.

The battery life at 5 hours lifespan might sound modest to some. Still, it is fundamental to note that the earbuds come equipped with a charging case, which fixes the buds in one position. The case offers two full charges extending the battery life for 5 more hours.

Bose SoundSport Free With Case / Credit: Bose.com
Bose SoundSport Free With Case / Credit: Bose.com

Just like with QC 35 II, Bose SoundSport Free offers a free app which helps you maintain your soundtracks, playlists, and much, much more. Being so portable, SoundSport Free wouldn’t be surprising if you put your headphones in place not easy to be seen. Bose covers up this inconvenience too.

App Screenshot

Inside the app, there is a hidden feature called “find my buds.” It enables the user to track the earbuds in the last place they were used, as well as providing the last time of use. Furthermore, there is an option to access Google’s, Samsung’s or iPhone’s digital assistant by clicking the button located on the right earbud.

Bose SoundSports is the first truly wireless pair of headphones by Bose. That means that wires are a thing of past, even that one wire for snuggling around your neck is gone. Fortunately, Bose didn’t ditch absolutely every trademark of the famous Bose SoundSport series.

The StayHear+ tips (in sizes S/M/L) still make their appearance on the earbuds making it safe for your ears and eliminating the possibility to lose your earbuds even during the most intense workouts.

Bose SoundSport Free With Case / Credit: Bose.com

Unlike Bose QC 35 II that started shipping on Thursday, SoundSport Free will be officially released at the beginning of October, when they will start with the shipping as well. Unfortunately, those who love colorful workouts will have to take a rest with the black model or wait until midnight blue, and yellow citron sees the light of the day.

We are crossing fingers and eagerly waiting for the earbuds of the year- Bose SoundSport free, until we get a chance to review them.

Do you think that other great headphone brands plan to move earbud compatibility to this level? Let us know in the comments!

Bose’s new flagship headphones are equipped with Google Assistant

Bose QC35ii Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

The regular hands-free headphones seem to be a thing of past. Bose revealed its new flagship, active noise-canceling headphones QC 35 II on Thursday, September 21st 2017. Bose worked together with Google to create a unique listening experience. Thanks to the implemented Google Assistant, the users can enjoy the top-notch quality of music while being accompanied by Google’s smart assistant.

Bose worked together with Google to create a unique listening experience. Thanks to the implemented Google Assistant, the users can enjoy the top-notch quality of music while being accompanied by Google’s smart assistant.

Bose QC35ii Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphone
Bose QC35ii Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphone / Credit: Bose.com

Bose QC 35 II will be the first headphones with the implemented technology of Google Assistant.

It was added to make it vastly easier for the users and perhaps, introduce an entirely new era and directions where the headphones will head in the future.

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Here is what we know so far about Quiet Comfort 35 II

Compared to its predecessor QC35, QC35 II didn’t meet any significant changes. Regarding configuration, these are completely same headphones that effortlessly connect via Bluetooth. Still, changes worth pointing include moderate upgrades such as adding the new Action button which is located on the right earcup.

Like expected, the Action button activates Google Assistant. Google assistant uses your voice commands and follows your orders, mainly focused on controlling your music. It can even recognize your favorite musicians and play the music by them, of course as long as those songs are located on your connected device.

If you thought that’s all the innovative Google Assistant can offer on QC35 II, you are incredibly wrong. Google Assistant will


  • Support you in making calls,
  • Alerting you about events and even
  • Schedule your Dentist appointment to a dedicated Google Calendar.
  • Furthermore, it can book you a flight,
  • Check the result of match you couldn’t attend
  • Even check in how many stations will the bus arrive.

To make the use of QC 35 II even more intuitive, Bose introduced a free app, which helps manage connected devices, adjust Google Assistant and much more.

How to Use Google Assistant in QC 35 II

Long-press on Action button enables you to communicate with the Assistant and provide it with commands necessary. If you don’t prefer to use Google Assistant, you can still get the best out of Action Button. It will help you optimize Noise-Cancellation for your needs, by choosing between low, mid, and high option.

Activate Acoustic Noise Cancelling

To activate the Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology, flip the switch and enjoy the mesmerizing audio output even when you are located in the noisy environment, whether it is street, bus, or plane. The technology lets you personalize yourself with your music.

The headphones will be available in retail for $349, just like the old QuietComfort model, it will be distributed in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and the U.K. Also, they are available in black and silver color with compatibility with either Android and iOS devices.

Google QC 35 II is the first product featured that is an outcome of Bose’s and Google’s collaboration. In the future, we are likely to see more models which unite noise-canceling and Google Assistant technology, especially from Bose’s line.

That being said, if you are interested in learning more about this technology, visit Google’s blog post which in-detail elaborates the power behind its assistant.

What do you think about the just-released Bose QC 35 II? Let us know in the comments.

AILIHEN M10 Metal in Ear Headphones with Microphone Review

Ailihen M10 Metal In-ear Headphone Review

With all highly priced models in the market, listening to the music is at times considered a luxury. AILIHEN didn’t agree, and they released AILIHEN M10 earbuds. M10 is recommended for a variety of things, but thanks to its’ durable construction, they are an ideal pair of headphones you want to take to the run.

Considering that the price is on the lower-end of the meter, we didn’t have high expectations. Anyhow, we decided to take a shot testing them and saw their true value we would like to share with you. Aside from the impressive soundstage and build, there are more features everyone who is looking for a pair of earbuds should take a look at.

AILIHEN M10 – Features

Wired headphones, especially for sports, aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, M10 sports an intriguing set of features, making it well-worthy to its’ competition in the range.

Sound Isolation

The silicon earbuds fit naturally to the ear and lock the rest from the environment from your ears. Sometimes, with good planning and construction, active noise cancellation technology isn’t an essential feature.

Lacking active noise cancellation, the earbuds aren’t surrounded by the inline microphones which return the outside noise back to the environment. Instead, the silicon cushioning that goes into the ear canal provides a sufficient protection from ambient noise and let us focus on their sound capabilities.

Unfortunately, M10 can’t completely isolate you from the noise. Hence, it is recommended to listen in the isolated rooms, away from loud people. Still, they should eliminate the sound of cable flapping against your body while you are jogging and at least efficiently lower the annoying sounds of gym devices.

Braided Cable

The vast majority of the sports dedicated headphones are wireless. Manufacturers that deliver wired pairs of headphones must ensure that the cables can withstand small to moderate abusing. Not saying you should smash your headphones, but every once in a while, you will accidentally pull your cable and damage the headphones.

Equipped with a braided cable, M10 has an extended lifespan. A firm and durable fiber cover the copper wires, securing them from the unintentional damage on the headphones. The wire is made out of copper and is firmly protected by the fiber. Furthermore, TPE and a layer of nylon make it fixed in one position for ensured security.

Extended connectivity

M10 is equipped with a 3.5mm plug for connection to all smartphones, tablets, laptops or speakers with this adapter. It’s worth mentioning that there is a microphone within the inline controls that are compatible with either Android and iOS devices.

Usually, the manufacturer makes two pairs of same headphones suitable for each model. M10 is the exception, the microphone will work and connect to a 3.5mm adapter regardless of the device.

The features sections of M10 is modest, although cost-friendly. We don’t see some crucial features on these headphones, though we will all agree that what they provided us with is more than usual.

AILIHEN M10 – Design

M10 was strategically designed. We were surprised to be embraced with the metallic build and offered such sturdiness and durability. That being said, let’s hop to the rest of the section. Headphones weigh 4 ounces (113 grams). Surprisingly, they are slightly heavier compared to its’ very competition, but not enough heavy to the weight you down.


Aside from hearing good music, it is important for us to successfully wear the headphones for hours without noticing. You will easily achieve this effect with M10. We already mentioned the sound isolation, which exists thanks to well-filled silicon earbuds that comfortably close the ear without hurting the canal.

Furthermore, their shape won’t scratch your ear or make it red, hot, or sweaty. There are three pairs of earbuds to ensure that they will fit even on the larger, and super-small ears. While testing, it pleased us that the earbuds won’t fall out, even during the most intense jogging.

Durability and build quality

CNC, the engraved design proved itself worthy on this model. This is not the most lightweight model in the competition. However, its’ futuristic build and inline controls, along with earbuds covered in aluminum alloy, make it look more expensive and powerful.
Overall, the build quality is good and reliable. The aluminum build is exactly what a pair of headphones housing 10mm drivers need to preserve the high-quality of music and lower the harmonic distortion.


A black, disc-shaped storage case is there to protect your headphones while you are on the go. We didn’t experience any problem with the storage so far. The headphones were tucked into the case, just the way we left it before we went.

Impressive build quality and overall design give AILIHEN M10 a high place among the raging competition. We were most surprised that it didn’t feel uncomfortable to wear given the unsurprisingly high weight. Considering that the competition headphones managed to weigh less even with the aluminum build, M10 earned 4 out of 5 stars.

AILIHEN M10 – Performance

Stellar is what describes the performance of M10. We put it through different tests that include different genres and testing on different volumes. Another peak of M10 is the innovative and, at first confusing, inline control that took us some time to figure out. Let’s dig in!

Sound Quality

ALIHEN M10 sports 10mm Neodymium drivers in each earbud. In combination with consistent and reliable noise isolation, headphones produced a reliable audio output. The mid and treble were loud, clear, and detailed. Switching the genres, we could hear and feel the more comforting depth in the instruments and vocals.

The bass is good too. However, earbuds such as M10 hold small drivers that can have a harder time regulating something so punchy as bass. Despite the metal housing, we could feel the slight interference and distortion, although very minimal.

When you listen to genres such as rock and electronica, you might spot the difference in the bass dominance. Still, there’s less chance of hearing that if you are not paying attention.

The controls

Housed inside the aluminum alloy that looks glossy and gives headphones the futuristic and innovative reflection, there are the inline controls and microphone. Only one button might confuse you, as it did us. Still, it is equipped with everything a high-end inline control should have, with only one button whatsoever.

This one button is in charge for everything. You can use it to play and stop the music.

  • It is very responsive and you can do it immediately.
  • It can also make and answer the calls only with one click.

It works fast and reliable, promising a completely hands-free usage in order for the user to focus on the workout.

Don’t worry, you can switch the tracks with the click of the button two times. If you want to listen to the previous track, click the button three times. This feature might appear unappealing and quite annoying. Rest assured that manufacturer made sure to make it top-end reliable.

The quality of the microphone is good. A receipt will hear you clearly, loudly and free of lags. The microphone might meet difficulties eliminating all the background noise. Still, it is a consistent tool, useful for making clear calls with your friends and family.

The one-button inline control is slightly confusing. Also, the bass might be too overwhelming. We can’t mind that too much, considering the budget and the size of the drivers. M10 earned a strong 4.5 out of 5.

Value for the Price

For many of us, music is the fundamental encouragement when we workout, study, travel or do anything in particular. Unfortunately, not all of us can take that steep step in providing ourselves with the top-end headphones, in terms of pricing.

M10 is a pair of headphones that will suffice even the strictest audiophiles who are restricted on their budget.

Nowadays, it is hard to find metal-built headphones within this price range. They offer comfort, convenience, reliability, and superb and detailed soundstage. Most definitely, they are worth a try.

On top of everything, they are compatible with both Apple and Android devices, offering a great range of compatibility between tablets, phones, laptops and more.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable construction
  • Great soundstage
  • Great budget option
  • Bass is stronger than the rest soundstage
  • Heavier than competition


AILIHEN M10 appeals to all music lovers who can’t afford headphones above $50. They don’t win any rewards for the futureproofed features, but they are a great and consistent pair of headphones, suitable for every need, especially workout.

Sennheiser HD 700 Review

Sennheiser HD 700 Review

Sennheiser HD 700 is considered a jewel among the high-fidelity headphones. You won’t find any particularly future-proofed feature in this model. Instead, it is dedicated to a punchy and dynamic bass and a uniquely wide soundstage. As the dedicated audiophiles that we are, we had to test this model in real-time and see does it live up to its’ other HD siblings, from either open-back and closed-back group?

We wrote this review to pick the main highlights of Sennheiser HD 700 and answer the key questions every audiophile asks when unsure about the model’s value. Take your cup of tea and read through the features, design, and performance of HD 700 to learn more!

Sennheiser HD 700 – Features

Unlike wireless Bluetooth headphones, Sennheiser HD 700 won’t astonish you with a bunch of technical terms and technologies. Its’ main features are mainly dedicated to what’s the most important – soundstage and area of use.


Sennheiser HD 700 is an over-ear type of headphones. Meaning of this is that they naturally cover your entire ear shell. However, open-back design means that there is still an inevitable space which breathes the music out of headphones. Open-back design limits the sound isolation capabilities of the HD 700. Instead, the sound is clearer and more spacious.

The drawback for some is that this limits the sound isolation, which is very important when working with sensitive audio or if you are a DJ. These two are the main types of over-ear headphones and one sacrifices another. All in all, it is something of a personal preference.

The ventilated magnet system

It is a commonplace that headphones which deliver more powerful bass and high-fidelity sound are openly exposed to harmonic distortion and air turbulence. Given that these models are in particular used for monitoring and music production studios, headphones need to be highly accurate and strive to eliminate all distortions that can harm the audio outcome.

With this in mind, Sennheiser designed an advanced ventilated magnet system which circularly eliminates or at least tends to lower the air turbulence interfering with the drivers and causing harmonic distortion that emerges as a large problem.

High-end drivers and transducers

Sennheiser HD 700 was one of the first headphone models to introduce their unique 40mm drivers that produce the impeccable balance of sound and bass. Basically, they are equipped with high-end transducers. These transducers are transistors. Their purpose is to evenly enhance the impact of the soundstage and make it more balanced towards different genres of music.

That’s what makes all Sennheiser headphones distinguished. They are eligible to customize for different music genres and styles. They are always a welcome guest in any DJ’s hands or monitoring, audio studios.

Sennheiser HD 700 was first introduced in 2012 and by now, we have seen the significant oscillations and enhancements in Sennheiser’s flagship HD models. The modest selection of features for Sennheiser HD 700 is respective satisfaction, earning it 4 out of 5 stars.

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Sennheiser HD 700 – Design

HD 700 is a high-end model. It is understandable that they require a top-end housing for their superb drivers. In terms of design and build, Sennheiser HD 700 is one of the best-equipped headphones you won’t be sorry opting for. Below, we are going to explain why.


At the dimensions given by 8 x 5 x 10-inches, HD 700 weighs 14.4 ounces (275 grams). These numbers certainly sounded discouraging to you, so did they to us. Normally, these headphones are bulky without even touching them or looking at the number. They hold a large selection of top-notch components that need to be ensured secure. With this in mind, Sennheiser engineered the headphones with firmness in mind, so that they wouldn’t break and be inconsistent.


Being an over-ear pair of headphones Sennheiser HD 700 is quite large. However, thanks to the velour covered ear pads, comfort should be the last thing concerning the user. Despite being not the lightest model available around, Sennheiser HD 700 is great for wearing for the extended time intervals. The headband is covered with silicon material so that the headphones lay naturally to the head and not pressurize it.

So far, we didn’t experience any headaches while wearing these headphones. Instead, it took more than several hours for us to figure out that they are even on us.

The Connectivity

The cable of HD 700 is covered with a durable, black, fabric material in order to preserve the cable and prevent it from breaking too soon. Unfortunately, the cable has a 3.5mm only from one side. That one is meant to connect in a left or right headphone. Given that it’s detachable, it’s up to you.

It is a Y-styled cable, with 9.8-foot length. It is necessarily sufficient for your movements or laying in the bed in order to listen to the music.

Though, we would appreciate if it was slightly longer. The professionality of these headphones is, especially, put into the first plan with the 6.3 mm connector which strictly goes into the AV receivers. In case you own a headphone amplifier, you can plug your headphones there either.

There will always be people who mind the fact headphones don’t connect via 3.5 mm plug. Keep in mind these are high-fidelity and hefty headphones and most likely a phone has no enough juice to power both.

Another important feature to consider is that these headphones come with a padded case for extended durability. We didn’t have a problem fitting the case in our bags and carrying the headphones with us upon the need. The titan gray color is the only one you can choose. However, we like the attention to the detail in this design and appreciate stepping out from the regularity of the monotone black color. Headphones design is a well-deserved 5 out of 5.

Performance of Sennheiser HD 700

Sennheiser HD 700, like mentioned above, are equipped with 40mm drivers to establish a balanced and firm sound. There is not much to say about that. The headphones promise the uncompromised sound and are a combination of both high-fidelity and bass capabilities.
In the further section, we will focus on the sound performance of HD 700 and in further paragraphs, you’ll see whether are they a true fit for you or not.

Thanks to the rich soundstage, powerful and ground-shaking bass, one would think that these headphones are a portable, mini-version of some high-end home theater you would place in a living room. The circular design and powerful drivers make up for that, creating the impeccable surrounding sound.

The bass is perfectly positioned to add additional texture to the music and create the cinema-like experience when you are watching a movie with them. The whole soundstage is rich and vivid. The midrange is prominent while the treble is what truly makes these headphones amazing.

The open-back design did its’ job in making the sound irresistible. The headphones are enough unique and prone to customization that you can even enjoy even the most distinguished genres such as classical genre and even metal.

You will feel the presence of every instrument and the clarity of the vocals. It won’t be too long until you forget that the headphones are even on your ears. All in all, it is the sound performance that is specific only to Sennheiser models.

As expected, Sennheiser missed on adding a microphone to this model. It is mainly to avoid the interference between the open-back design. Even if the microphone had the noise-canceling technology, it would still pick the noise from headphones. Besides, these headphones, if not for professional use are used specifically for home use.

Value for the price

Sennheiser is a company that cares about offering everything: comfort, value, great performance, and durability. Unfortunately, while Sennheiser HD 700 offers everything else, the pricing is way too unreasonable. Even now, after 5 years from releasing, HD 700 is a barely under $500 headphone. For that price, we would be hoping for a aircraft aluminum or stainless steel build. Overall, something to make sure the housing is firm. That being said, Sennheiser performs fair in this section, with 3 out of 5 rating.

Pros and Cons

  • Durable quality
  • Comfortable
  • Open-back design
  • Spectacular performance
  • Expensive
  • No 3.5mm plug
Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired/Wireless.Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Open, circumaural dynamic stereo headphones for maximum wearing comfort
  • Outstanding soundstage with a warm and balanced audio reproduction. Frequency response (Headphones)15 - 40.000 Hz (-3dB), 8 - 44.000 Hz (-10dB)
  • Specially-tuned, highly efficient drivers capable of delivering high sound pressure levels and a flat frequency response
  • Highly optimized ventilated magnet system minimizes air turbulence and harmonic, intermodulation distortion


Sennheiser HD 700 is truly irresistible. It’s’ competition has to work a lot to reach this superb level of perfection. If it is suiting to your pocket, they will serve you greatly whether are you a hobby audiophile or a true music professional.

15 Best Bass Headphones

Best Bass Headphones - Bass Headphone Buying Guide

Not everyone can handle a heavy bass. Fortunately, with the ever-growing development of new music genres, the true power of bass is getting its’ well-deserved recognition. That’s a reason we need to find Best Bass Headphones available to buy.

Punchy and ground-shaking bass unveils the true strength of music we are listening to and helps us experience the movies we watch with the same power.

With this in mind, The Best bass headphones are not easy to find, especially over the internet. You have to hear how they work before you can take them home.

Luckily, we compiled the 15 Best Bass Headphones list, highlighting their main features, advantages, and disadvantages, in correspondence to different budget options. Continue reading this article to find your best bass headphone match and read more about how to choose the best bass headphone.

Article Content

Best Bass Headphones Under $100

15Monster Inspiration Active Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

Monster Inspiration comes in two versions. The first one is with passive noise isolation, while the one we review sports active noise cancellation technology, which juices two AAA batteries for steady performance.

There is a lot to praise about these headphones, and the virtue the most worth mentioning is that they are affordable. What makes them look gorgeous and uncommon is the space gray texture on the ear cups, a rare color common mostly on Apple’s flagship Macbooks.
What is unusual are the square ear cups. However, they naturally lay on ears, serving as the perfect over-ear headphones. Both active noise cancellation and the passive one is effective. In terms of build, the headphones are durable, yet quite bulky. We find that with 10.6 ounces (300 grams) weight, they appear to be too heavy. Luckily, the cushions are very convenient. However, listening to too much will make your ears sweat.

Understandably, headphones deliver punchy and detailed bass with prominent mids and detailed highs. The vocals sound clear and vivid, while the instruments are there to add more details. There is a minimal sound leakage, less than with the competition, while the listener is completely discreet with their music thanks to the active noise cancellation.

It doesn’t hurt to mention that Monster Inspiration is

  • Equipped with a couple of detachable cables, each suitable for its’ own category.
  • There are separate microphones on each cable, matching
  • the compatibility with Apple and Android devices.

When we add all the pros and cons, Monster Inspiration is a great headphone with advanced bass features.


  • Stylish
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Compatible with either Android and Apple devices
  • Solid performance.


  • Bulky

14Yamaha CM500 Headset

Whether are you a DJ at the beginning of your mixing career, or a music/multi media school attendant, a budget-friendly model from Yamaha is a great help in starting off. Yamaha features an over-ear, closed-back design in its’ CM500 model, hence we are deeply grateful for the superb sound isolation it offers.

At 1.1 pounds (498 grams) you will find these headphones nowhere near light for the mobile user. Ideally, you have a music studio where you put their powers to test. The build is, obviously plastic, while the wide layer of ear cushions falls naturally over ears and prevents sweating, making these headphones quite comfortable.

The overall performance of these headphones is uncompromised,

  • the lows are quite effective, punchy and dynamic.
  • The wide soundstage sounds quite detailed, clear, and more importantly discreet.

Given the advanced sound isolation, the headphones are eligible for various different genres and don’t have a problem recognizing it and adding more details and crisp to the output.

The headphones come with two detachable cables.

  • One is a 6.3mm (1/8”) adapter and
  • a 3.5mm (¼”) adapter, meaning that the headphones are compatible with the latest stereo devices.

Ideally, if you don’t work in audio studios, you want to listen to these in your bed. It is also important to note that headphones have a large, sensitive microphone, so if you aren’t bothered with the hefty size, you can use them to make calls, or even participate in gaming raids with your friends. The possibilities are countless.


  • Relatively comfortable ear cushions
  • Stellar performance
  • Sensitive microphone
  • Sound isolation


  • They are heavy.

13Sennheiser HD 201 Lightweight Over Ear Headphones

Sennheiser HD 201 is like a bullseye that you are never expecting. Sennheiser is known for delivering high-end quality for their price. However, we are sure that even they were surprised with how HD 201 performs in real-time.

The headphones look quite stylish, especially with their over-ear, closed-back style. The ear pads are covered in a deep layer of leatherette material, supported with the foam to deliver more comfort to the ears. In addition to that, headphones weigh 8 ounces (226 grams), meaning you won’t really notice them on your ears, thanks to the strategically planned design. The headphones also swivel, being ideal for the DJs who want to get the best of the headphones’ quality.

Despite being enormously budget-ranged, HD 201 is a durable headphone. Given that DJs often give their headphones a little abuse, these can last even after falling from a meter height.

Unfortunately, the cable is not detachable, but there is a gold-plated, screw-on ¼” (3.5mm) adapter which easily plugs to the 1/8” (6.35mm) one. Given these parameters, Sennheiser HD 201 is compatible with the vast majority of stereo music broadcast devices.

The performance would offer a higher price tag than the headphones originally suggest. The bass doesn’t sound as natural as with the competition but it is still punchy and tremendous. The soundstage is rich, balanced, and detailed, eligible for all genres that you throw on them.

Unfortunately, HD 201 doesn’t come with any additional accessories, meaning you will have to take a good care on their go. However, these are the best headphones low-end budget can buy.


  • Comfortable
  • Dynamic Performance
  • Good sound isolation


  • No accessory bag
  • Cable is too long.

12Sony MDR-XB800 Over-ear Headphone

Just like always, Sony didn’t save even on their budget headphones. Sony MDR-XB800 look extremely stylish. The ear cups have mirroring textures with silver lines and logo at the left corner. The ear pads are made out of leatherette material and backed up with foam to offer convenient experience.

There are two layers of cloth in the middle of the pads that help the driver transmit the music to the listener’s ears. The overall design is plastic, with additional leatherette material which flatters the headband so the headphones lay naturally. At 10.2 ounces (282 grams) headphones are neither light or heavy. However, they are more recommended for less mobile users.

In terms of performance, we have the satisfying, distortion free melodic experience, thanks to the large, 50mm drivers that produce punchy bass, completely free of harmonic distortions. The rest of the soundstage is kind of sacrifice in order to deliver such a powerful and dynamic bass. However, the result is not that horrifying. There is still the essential crisp and treble, that audiophile expect on a high-end headphone, especially with this budget.

It doesn’t hurt to mention that the headphones have swiveling capabilities, meaning good for the closed-back design. The hinges under the pressure allow the headphones to swivel 180 degrees, which is great if you are a DJ.

Overall, they are comfortable, stylish, but not as competent as the competition is.


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Punchy bass


  • Not as balanced.

Best Bass Headphones Under $200

11Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus

beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones
beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones
with Accessory Kit and Remote Microphone Cable

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus is beyond averagely sized compared to the other closed-back, over-ear models. Given these parameters, 1.6 pound (735 grams) is quite heavy when compared to the competition. Beyerdynamic had to store the large drivers and every other component which makes this model as outstanding as it is.

Recommended mainly for the home and studio use, the headphone is available in black and white colors and doesn’t surprise that it is a very stylish model for a sub-$200 headphone. The whole model is covered in leatherette material so the headphones can naturally put pressure on our head without hurting us (given the weight).

The metal hinges slowly move onto plastic ear cups with creative details to set the headphones apart from the competition. That being said, there are included flourishes which you can apply to the ear cup yourself and make them look better. There are eight pictures, but you are allowed to buy yourself the ones if you aren’t satisfied with what you got.

Moving on to the ear pads, they are also covered in a leatherette material, accompanied with foam to keep your ears cool and let the headphones breathe. Certainly, the combination of these two materials results in a better sound isolation, which is what the closed-back designs are exactly for.

Needless to say, the stellar performance is what marks this model so amazing. Crafted with the best drivers, the bass is extremely accurate and punchy. The rest of the soundstage corresponds with crisp and detail. The only thing that fails to thrill us is the lack of controls which help us adjust the volume.

However, the inline controls support the “next song”, call answering, and there is a super-sensitive microphone for making and receiving calls. If we put away the lack of volume controls, we can call this model nearly perfect.

beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones
beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones
with Accessory Kit and Remote Microphone Cable


  • Stylish and customizable design
  • Sound isolation
  • Heavy and punchy bass


  • Lack of volume controls.

10Beats Studio 2.0

Stylish as always Beats Studio 2.0 definitely wins the reward for design. It is comparably lighter than the previous model, weighing at 9.2 (257 grams) ounces. They are clearly a more portable pair of headphones, used in the music industry as much as everywhere else.

This version is wired, but if you are looking for a model that will set you off the wires, the wireless model is more expensive. It is important to note that the headphones are foldable, so you can take them anywhere with you. They are, also, available in a great range of colors. The black with red accent is our favorite. The powerful-looking B flatters the middle of each ear cup outside.

The ear pads are made out of a thick leather. However, it is not a secret that leather makes the ears sweat. Fortunately, they are convenient enough for a good time of listening, even though you might notice their presence after hours of listening.

As we tackle upon the active noise cancellation, we notice that the headphones could work properly even without it. They nicely close out the ears from the environment, but with the noise cancellation on, we are reminded of how beautiful it feels to be personal with your favorite music.

The battery is recharged through a micro-USB port, though it might not be constantly necessary given that the headphones can last at least 18 to 20 hours. This doesn’t match the Sennheiser Momentum headphones but is sufficient even for the long plane flights.

There is much punchier bass and treble present in the headphones compared to the predecessor. We are satisfied with the overall performance, regardless of the genre of music that is being listened to. We admire the capability to add so many details and accent to the vibrancy and accuracy, especially with the punchy bass. Overall great headphones for either daily and professional use.


  • Dynamic Bass
  • Gorgeous looking
  • Effective noise cancellation


  • Headphones don’t work when the battery runs out of juice.
  • Ears get a little sweaty.

9Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2

Audio-Technica is known for the high-fidelity headphone models that lack on nothing. A young DJ, torn between low-budget and high performance should always refer to Audio-Technica. ATH-PRO700MK2 brings along several innovations, most of all include extremely powerful and tremendous bass.

The headphones are black and support swiveling gestures between 90 and 180 degrees to the size. This will appeal especially to the DJs who would like to keep the track of their mixes during the live performance. At 10.8 (300 grams) ounces, the headphones are not the lightest model you see, hence recommended for less mobile users.

The ear cushions are made out of thick leather and foam. Also, it is important to note that the closed-back build of ATH-PRO700MK2 contributes to a better sound isolation, which lets the user focus entirely on their music. The headphones are wearable. However, they are extremely far from the comfortable. Despite the thick leather cover, you can feel the pressure from the headphones. Also, the ears will sweat and get red and hot after hours of listening.

The performance, on the other side, suffices the needs of regular audiophiles, addicted to the punchy and heavy bass. The 53mm drivers ensured that the flawless, stellar performance will surround your ears with a sound full of crisp and treble, free of harmonic distortion. Like mentioned before, Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 is an ideal pair for starter DJs stuck in the mid-budget.


  • Stylish design
  • Powerful bass
  • Great sound isolation


  • A little uncomfortable

8Sennheiser Urbanite XL

Just like the vast majority of Sennheiser headphones, Urbanite XL over-ear headphones offer the uncompromised performance while looking straight out amazing. The most of the headphone is made out of plastic. However, the metal hinges make their appearance on headphones, making them look more futuristic and stylish.

It is worth mentioning that the headphones are foldable, thus eligible for long trips where you can enjoy the music on the go. Unfortunately, at 1.5 pounds (680 grams) they are nowhere near light headphones, hence they are recommended for studio use. The ear cushions are very comfortable for the extended wearing and additionally, the cups provide all the necessary conditions for listening to the music in peace (sound isolation).

There are two cables included with the inline controls and microphones. The company found time to build inline controls that are compatible with either Apple and Android devices, hence you can enjoy the music streamed from your favorite device.

When it comes to performance, despite being closed-back the Urbanite XL offer uncompromised sound performance along with spacious, dynamic, and powerful bass. The wide frequency range offers great sound oscillations without harmonic distortions which ruin the sound experience.

We haven’t found any downfalls in the headphones except the inconvenient pouch which doesn’t securely store the headphones. However, this won’t directly affect the overall performance of headphones.


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Sound-Isolation
  • Solid performance


  • Lousy pouch.

Best Bass Headphones Under $300


Denon AH-D600 is a little older model. However, its’ bass capabilities and general treble are far from outdated. Denon sports a classic black design with white accents and Denon sign etched at the earcups. The most of the headphone was made out of sturdy and durable plastic.

The leatherette material covers the top of the headband so that it would genuinely lay on the head without applying too much pressure. The ear cushions are pretty large, which is commonplace for over-ear, closed-back headphones. The foam accompanies the faux leather material on the ear pads, giving the user the permission to enjoy the noise-free music in a convenient manner.

These headphones are pretty heavy at 12.8 ounces (365 grams). However, you can rest assured that they won’t wear you off. Strategically set earpads and the leather covering the headband will assure you that you can comfortably listen to the music for extended time passed.

There are two detachable cables with 3.5 mm adapter. Two, because the headphones sport either Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, the support reached only to the Apple users as the controls for Android devices seem unclear and lousy which disappointed many users.

Denon AH-D600 brings the uncompromised performance. The treble is highly present and the bass is pretty dominating. However, not over the rest of the soundstage. The headphones have high-detail and accuracy when it comes to the sound output.

We are clearly disappointed with the performance of Android in-line controls. But, given we are giving grades for bass and soundstage, these headphones are a clear 10 out of 10.


  • Stylish
  • Great Sound isolation
  • Comfortable


  • Lousy Android controls.

6Sony MDR-1A Premium Hi-Res Stereo Headphones

Sony released the sibling model to the MDR1R, the MDR1A headphone. The closed back, over-ear design delivers a superb sound isolation, which makes these headphones perfect for the studio and monitoring use.

There are a lot of features of the MDR1A. One of these features is that headphones can rotate, but opposite than the predecessor could. If you fancy wearing headphones as an accessory around your neck, you will be allured with the superb way it rests around your neck to the shoulders. Rotating feature feels appealing to the DJs as well.

The headphones come in a black color and even though they are quite large, they are neither heavy or uncomfortable. They measure only 7.94 ounces (225 grams) in weight, which greatly makes them the lightest model we reviewed in this list. The elegant pads are filled with foam and leather-ish material to make our ears feel comfortable while listening to the music.

Like we mentioned above, sound isolation makes sure we won’t hear the environmental noise and that the headphones won’t leak the sound out. There are detachable cables included. Each is compatible with one great manufacturer, Apple or Android. There are also inline controls which enable you to make the calls or control the flow of your music.

The headphones are the pure balance when it comes to bass and treble. The soundstage is clear, detailed, and deep, while the bass is dynamic and powerful. There is no harmonic distortion. The only flaw to the headphones is certainly the lack of enthusiasm towards the Apple inline controls (the last model we reviewed had a problem with Android inline controls). Everything else makes these headphones a worthy companion in music production.


  • Dynamic bass and vivid soundstage
  • Great sound isolation
  • Balanced and lightweight build which results in comfort.


  • Lousy Apple controls.

5Beats Executive Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Beats Executive is a better form of all Beats by Dre predecessors. They look quite stunning, especially the over-ear design which kind of makes them larger than the competition. They have a glossy outside appearance, colored in black with the silverfish-gray B as “Beats” on each ear cup.

Moving on, the most of the headphone is covered in plastic. However, there are metal hinges that are of very sturdy and durable quality. They weigh 12 ounces (340 grams) which is too much for a headphone. However, we should keep in mind that the headphones of this kind sport various components, including two AAA batteries that make the active noise cancellation technology work.

Active noise cancellation works decently, it will redirect the ambient noise back into the environment thanks to the inline microphones. Unfortunately, the headphones won’t work without the batteries, meaning that the headphones are dependent on active noise cancellation technology.

The comfort is guaranteed. Despite the heavy build, you won’t feel them on your head thanks to the cushy covers over the headband surface and ear pads. Only after a few hours, it will start to get a little sweaty and a little heavy.

When it comes to the sound performance, Beats Executive has so much to offer. The soundstage has an emotion evoking powers. The whole unit sounds completely natural, balanced, and full of crisp. Nonetheless was the bass, dynamic, powerful, and punchy.
The headphones come with two detachable cables, with 3.5 mm adapters together with the screw-on ¼” plugs. All in all, they have a lot to offer, and if you can afford them, they will be a great addition to your audio equipment.


  • Decent Active noise cancellation technology
  • Great connectivity options
  • Good performance


  • Lack of portability.

4Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 over-ear headphone delivers slight improvement in portability to an already perfect Momentum series. It has a beautiful metallic design with large ear cups. It is worth pointing out that the issue of portability was addressed through lowering the weight, but also enabling the headphones to fold, thus saving a lot of space on your bag.

Unfortunately, this led to Manufacturer removing the pouch, which we still find necessary. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 comes with quite larger ear cups. Furthermore, they are asymmetrically shaped and they provide a better fit for people with larger ears and those who are wearing glasses.

It is noticeable that Sennheiser crafted the Momentum successor more oriented towards comfort than anything else. However, that doesn’t mean that its’ performance is poor. That being said, Momentum 2.0 performs with either attitude and character. The bold, trembling bass is quite dominating and weighty, especially on the more demanding song. There is no harmonic distortion, nor interference with the mids and highs.

The mids are prominent and instruments and vocals feel incredibly natural. The highs are very accented, detailed, and deep, regardless of the genre, the user is listening to. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 allows you to cross the different musical world and each one of them sounds better than the other.

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There were several improvements in the cable and 3,5mm jack. Also, the in-line controls were redesigned to look smaller and more discreet. The only thing we mind about Momentum 2.0 is that they are quite expensive and they could have included the pouch in the package.


  • Great, detailed performance
  • Sturdy build
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive

3ElectricalCentre JVC Real Sound System Z Series HA-SZ2000

One would usually mistake the high-fidelity headphones for these. Their large and solid build resembles of audiophile headphones instead of the bass ones. However, the outside look can easily trick us. JVC SZ2000 headphones have a lot to be looked upon.

They weigh 1.1 pound (498 grams) which is pretty heavy for a headphone. However, this model will gladly find its’ place in monitoring studios and on DJ decks. Good news is that headphones can swivel between 90 and 180 degrees. Furthermore, you can easily fold them thanks to the hinges that are built in. That way, you don’t have to worry about their weight on the go. The manufacturer included a carrying pouch to make storing an easy beat.

The headphones, unfortunately, have a shallow skin, synthetic leather which covers the ear pads and headband. It will be comfortable for a time. However, you can expect to feel hot or headachy after some time passed.

The ear cushions of thin layers don’t promise the best sound isolation. However, they will sufficiently close down the noise. The sound is handled with a lot of detail and space. The bass, especially. Listening to the music via these headphones we concluded they are built to resemble of a loudspeaker at its’ best. The spacious, detailed, vivid sound and a trembling bass assured that every genre of music we listened was treated well.

Given the not so durable build and lack of cushions in the ear pads, we can’t be that allured with the power of these headphones, at least not in this price range. But, we admire the manufacturer for hiding the greatly capable bass headphones inside of a high-fidelity headphone camouflage.


  • Stylish
  • Uncompromised soundstage
  • They swivel and fold


  • Expensive
  • A little uncomfortable

2V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 is already familiar to us from the best audiophile headphones article. Being known for their tremendous bass, it is not surprising that the Crossfade M-100 fancies either balanced soundstage and a heavy bass.

The over-ear headphone houses its’ components in a metal housing. It is sturdy and durable, and in case it is damaged, it is replaceable. The ear cups are large, but the model is not overly heavy. At 9.8 ounces (271 gram) it is still relatively lightweight for the daily use. Nonetheless, it is durable too and can put up with abuse for months and years.

The faux-leather and memory foam cover the ear cups firmly, establishing the strong layer of cushions to protect your ears from the outside noise. Being closed-back, the headphones naturally cover the user’s ears, providing the passive noise isolation which is more than necessary and welcome in audio monitoring studios. That being said, V-MODA Crossfade M-100 is a very versatile model of headphones.

The manufacturer wanted to make sure that the consumers will experience the best out of these headphones, by providing two long cables with inline controls for either Android and Apple users. The inline controls, with included electronic, highly-sensitive microphone.

We already mentioned that the soundstage of these headphones is amazingly accurate, but its’ bass is completely different story. It has the well-deserved title of one of the best bass headphones because of the stellar harmonic distortion-free, trembling and ground-shaking bass.

The headphones will be amazing for every purpose, but its’ powerful bass, makes watching movies on it a charm. The dynamic and punchy bass is rarely a combination inside a high-fidelity headphone, even though the accent to the bass was manufacturer’s first intention.
The headphones are overall, extremely charismatic and portable. You are allowed to choose from a different selection of textures. The only complaint we had is that they are quite expensive, then again, they are truly uncompromised.


  • Portable
  • Gorgeous
  • Stellar performance
  • Closed-back


  • Expensive

The best Bass Headphones Under $500

1Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-2000MK2-K DJ Headphone

Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-2000MKA2-K is the masterpiece among the high-end DJ headphones. A distinguished and stylish DJ should know how to make the difference between professionalism and mediocre, hence choosing headphones with high-accuracy to details and a tremendous bass shouldn’t be a problem for him.

The design of HDJ-2000MK2-K doesn’t sport the “Look at me” attitude. Instead, its’ minimalist and robust design make it different than the others, in a very discreet way. They don’t scream for attention. Instead, the matte textures over the sturdy plastic body look excellent.

The headphones swivel, rotating by amazing 90 degrees and once you don’t need to rotate them any longer, they will automatically return to their original shape. Being closed-back, there is a superior sound isolation in the memory foam padding on both ear cups. The monitoring will go flawless and whoever lay fingers on this beauty will be discreetly enjoying their favorite music.

The comfort is as well uncompromised. The memory foam doesn’t heat easily causing the ears to sweat or burn. You can effortlessly listen to the music for hours without noticing the difference. This is merely surprising as the headphones weigh hefty 3 pounds (1360 grams).

HDJ-2000MKA2-K delivers the uncompromised sound performance. No hissing or disruptions, yet clear, detailed, and even warm audio output surrounded our ears with high-fidelity sound and treble. The bass here is very strong and dynamic, exactly what the high-end headphone users are looking for the best bass headphones.

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There is a lengthy detachable cable, with a steady XLR-connector which prevents the easy detaching and thus damaging of the headphones. Overall, these headphones are worth having mainly if you are a professional musician. Headphones are quite expensive, and thus dedicated to those with the most delicate knowledge and passion for music.


  • Robust design
  • Comfortable
  • Closed-back
  • Superb audio output


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

How to Choose the Best Bass Headphones

Like we mentioned, it can be extremely difficult and be challenging to pick the sufficient pair of headphones with powerful bass. When we were testing the best bass headphones, we took the following features into consideration:


In this article, we focused on over-ear designs. However, it doesn’t hurt to mention that there are two other types of headphones which can possibly hold the room for a trembling bass. There are on-ear headphones and in-ear headphones, better known as earbuds.

You can opt for each for several reasons. Earbuds are light, convenient, and can be used wherever you are. Additionally, no one will stare at you funnily, if you have huge and bulky headphones on your ears. The performance might not be as detailed, but they are ideal for outdoor activities, especially sport.

On-ear headphones are good for students and general people who would like to enjoy the comfort and portability over other choices. Unfortunately, these models are also limited compared to the over-ear spacious and detailed sound.

Over-ear headphones are usually bulky and less portable. Fortunately, they are used for a great variety of things. DJ-ing is just one of these things, but many audio experts refer to them in the monitoring audio studios thanks to the superb construction and sound isolation.

Frequency Range

Most of the humans can hear the sound ranging between 20Hz and 16,000Hz. With headphones, frequency plays an important part. The sound is more natural, and deeper when the headphones emit the lower frequency. On the other side, the sound is bloated and poor if the frequency is high.

Bass has a range between 60 Hz and 250 Hz.

This is the ideal width to start with, which adds the rhythm to the music. Headphones often can’t perceive this range, which usually results in poor bass reproduction. The frequency range is usually range, but the lower the frequency, the more rhythmic and dynamic the bass.


You often hear that the headphone is equipped with 30mm, 40mm, or 50mm drivers for a punchier bass and more detailed music reproduction. There are several types of drivers. The largest driver is called woofer and smaller drivers are called tweeters which produce high-soundstage, while the midrange drivers are for the mids.

Comfort and Construction

If you are intending to work with these headphones on long-term, it is of fundamental importance to spring for the option with the most comfort corresponding to you. The construction should be durable too, mostly sturdy plastic with steel or aluminum accent on headband or hinges that help the headphones swivel or fold (for more portability).

Comfort is achieved through the accents of leatherette and protein foam cushions to keep the ears covered and support the natural laying of the headband towards the head. It is worth pointing out that the pure leather should be avoided as it makes ears sweat and hot.


This brings the Best Bass Headphones guide the end. Let us know which headphones do you like the most and which do you prefer bass headphones or high-fidelity headphones?

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Denon AH-D7200 Review

Denon AH-D7200 Review

Long anticipated Denon AH-D7200 met its’ release date in January. The Japanese manufacturer focused on adding superb new features to its’ flagship headphone to deliver the unrivaled quality.

Denon AH-D7200 Wins Best Headphone of the Year 2017-18 Award by EISA.

Denon AH-D7200 headphone features an over-ear, closed-back design with the high-fidelity touches would leave even the strictest audiophiles speechless. We used the best of our time to play around with this gorgeous pair of headphones to get introduced with its featuresdesign,  and, more importantly, the sound performance.

Whether are you springing for a new model of high-fidelity headphones or not, Denon AH-D7200 review will change the way you see this kind of headphones.

Denon AH-D7200 review – Features

High-Fidelity headphones, usually, don’t sport additional features such as Bluetooth, ANC, and others. That being said, AH-D7200 is equipped with features crucial for great musical performance. Check them out.

Closed-back design

Closed-back and open-back design are constantly in the competition.

While some prefer the spacious sound with more clarity, a lot of people prefer keeping it personal between them and music they are listening to.

Closed-back headphones may not sound as loud. However, the superb sound isolation is guaranteed.

The large ear cups make the sound isolation possible. They are ideal for music monitoring where the need for the quiet environment is essential.

Additionally, being closed-back, no one will be bothered by the echoing sound of your headphones, outside of them. Then again, these headphones are not quite for the outside use.

FreeEdge driver technology

The larger size of the driver is not always better. However, the 50mm drivers engineered with the FreeEdge driver diaphragm, the user can dive into the world of endlessly precise and vibrant audio performance.

Denon AH-D7200 Review

The drivers are made out of a nano-fiber material for the extended accuracy when used. For all of those who are looking for a great soundstage with discreet, yet dynamic and punchy lows, it is freshening to know that Denon AH-D7200 is absolutely free of distortions and other harmonic interruptions.

In fact, Denon has handled this pair of headphones as a separate unit of speakers, which create high-fidelity, surrounding, and deep sound, personalized for your needs. More about that later.

Great Connection

Although Denon AH-D7200 isn’t equipped with a 3.5mm adapter, the copper 6.3mm plug cable is detachable. In case this one breaks, the user will be thrilled to replace it without a sweat. Furthermore, Denon lets the users explore the connection options by attaching other types of cables as well. That being said, the connection is strong and steady.

Denon App – Denon Audio

Just like other high-end Denon audio products, the AH-D7200 is making its’ appearance with a greatly innovative application, Denon Audio. Not only it lets you have your own, tidy playlist, but it lets you set up the audio profiles most comfortable for listening to the music. The application is available for Android and iOS device, being available on Google Play

Store and iTunes.

The features of Denon AH is endlessly innovative, we give it a well-deserved 5, hoping this grade will be justified in the following sections. 5/5.

Denon AH-D7200 – Design

It is evident that AH-D7200 is a gorgeous pair of headphones. However, it doesn’t hurt to mention the components that make them as beautiful as they truly are.

The wooden ear cups

The ear cups of Denon AH-D7200 are made of 100% natural walnut. It is a more secure protection for the drivers, preventing the magnetic resonance and radiation. Additionally, they effortlessly eliminate the vibrations, moreover being self-damping.

A sturdy ear cup builds such as D7200 has is essential for a large pair of headphones. They are better at reproducing the sound and channeling it towards the headphones in the process.

The comfort

If we talked about Denon AH-D7200 wearing comfort we wouldn’t know where to stop.

Given that each one of us is unique, we deeply appreciate the click-stops which help us adjust the headphone size to our liking. This avoids placing the headphones uncomfortable and further miss all the enjoyable experience that wearing them brings. Furthermore, the headphones will guide you in restoring your wearing comfort zone when someone else wears them.

The headphones are incredibly sturdy and durable, thanks to the die-cast aluminum construction. They fit excellently and feel even better. It is important to note that the soft leather ear-pads in combination with memory foam let the headphones breathe, preventing the heat and sweating which are two common problems when it comes to high-fidelity headphones.

If you thought that the outside of the headphones is left unprotected, you are wrong. Denon AH-D7200 headband is covered with the gentle, luxurious, sheepskin leather. When we put together all the components together, this results in endless comfort.

Additionally, the leather cover protects the material from breaking. Too much abuse certainly leads towards the damage of the headphones, and given the premium price, we wouldn’t be too rough on Denon flagship headphones.

Worth mentioning is as well, that the headphones swivel with ease. This news will be liked by DJs who are looking for the high-end pair of headphones to assist them on music festivals.

The headphones are quite heavy because of the 50mm drivers. However, like we pointed out above, the headphones are purely dedicated to the home, studio, or another professional purpose. The package lacks a cover bag, except the equipment for cleaning headphones.

We are satisfied with the originality of design. Wooden ear cups give a solid protection to the ears, aside from looking professional and stylish. They are durable and comfortable, meant to be used for extended amounts of time.

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Denon AH-D7200 – Performance

Given that the headphones lack some mainstream features, in this section, we will focus on headphones performance in terms of sound quality. We won’t be wrong to say that these headphones let you dive into the completely new world of music and discover it from the beginning in an innovative and original way. Let’s see what they are packed up with.

Denon AH-D7200 Review

Sound Quality

Like mentioned before, AH-D7200 is a superiorly constructed headphone. It is not a secret that these headphones sound as good as they look.

The already mentioned 50mm drivers hold their place inside, with good protection from the dangerous resonance, they deliver a punchy bass, which feels very tremendous and powerful. The output they give is rather similar to surround speakers than a pair of headphones.

If you get a chance to test the headphones the way we did, you will agree that they are far more responsive than the surrounding competition. As of now, they are one of our favorite pairs of headphones among the high-fidelity pairs.

When we tackle the rest of the soundstage, we are introduced to the prominent and warm mids. The voices are a bit over-attaching, but nothing the listener should be worried about. The frequency range is wide enough to support either loud and discreet sound, which will be unrivaled.

The highs of the soundstage are where these headphones truly shine. Listening to the different genres we found the high accuracy and detail in the audio output. The sound glides through the soundstage and feels very smooth and comfortable to the ears.

The last but not least the most important thing is the balance between the bass and the highs. Everything sounds extremely accurate and detailed. All in all, the headphones are packed up in a firm package, two pillars of stellar audio and firm build.

The value for the money

We can’t help but discuss the value of the headphones. There is certainly the competition which sounds similar, yet ranges cheaper. However, the headphones will not sound better or the same. The headphones are fairly expensive, and thus, limited to a tiny market, but the market of professionals. These headphones are not to be juiced with smartphones.

Instead, being the 6.3mm plug headphones, they intend towards the largest music studios, DJ decks, and general stereos with the mentioned adapter. It is great if you can set away from the budget for these extremely powerful headphones, but keep in mind that they are intended for the very professionals of the audio world.

Pros and Cons of Denon AH-D7200

Regardless of being a headphone with a bold attitude, many virtues and features, Denon AH-D7200, unfortunately, holds some flaws.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Wonderful soundstage
  • Punchy bass

  • Weak vocals
  • No 3.5mm plugs

Final Verdict

In the end of the day, Denon AH-D7200 is the world-merging pair of headphones. We haven’t seen this rhythmic and powerful performance on these headphones. If you are planning to craft music, these high-fidelity headphones are a great companion.

Best Headphones of the Year by EISA 2017-18 Award

Denon EISA

EISA Awards are like Nobel prizes in the technology world. Basically, the European Imaging and Sound Association consists of tech experts who scout the market for the latest consumer-grade electronics. Their 2017-2018 Awards were handed to some of the biggest names in the industry, including Denon, Sennheiser, and other.


In essence, EISA Awards is a major event, and the competition for the prime awards was nothing short of stiff. If you’re interested in technology, you might want to check out the expert groups.

The Expert groups were divided into several categories:

Best Headphones in the year of 2017, EISA picks

Frankly, this event was a paradise for tech and headphone enthusiasts. Basically, the menu was huge, brimming with cutting-edge models from various manufacturers, including Sennheiser, JBL, SamsungFiiO, and other prominent leaders.

Among the best models, we’ve handpicked Denon’s AH-D7200 and Sennheiser’s Momentum In-Ear Wireless headphones. Frankly, pitting these two giants against each other is hard, but choosing which model is better is even harder.

Best Wireless In-ear Headphone: Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones
Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones
Award Winner: Best Wireless In-ear Headphone of the Year 2017-18 by EISA

Beautiful, convenient, powerful. Now, these are the words that would best describe Sennheiser’s Momentum headphones. Truth be told, Sennheiser was always in a league of its own as long as the quality is at stake, but they simply outdid themselves with this one.

Generally, the battery and the Bluetooth receiver are built straight into the band, allowing for superior comfortability. Furthermore, this magnificent design is durable enough to withstand the many feats of sportsmen and adventurers.

Apart from that, there’s a super-sensitive mini microphone for gamers, as well as the Bluetooth 4.1 compatibility for easy access and pairing phone calls. Last, but not least, the performance of Momentum will swipe you off your feet. Namely, these outstanding headphones are characterized with superb harmonics, powerful bass, and a resonant, well-balanced midsection.

All in all, we never expected anything less from this remarkable German brand.

Best Headphone of the Year 2017: Denon AH-D7200

Denon AH-D7200 Reference Over Ear Headphones
Denon AH-D7200 Reference Over Ear Headphones
Award Winner: Best Headphone of the Year 2017 by EISA

Denon stepped out from the big scene not too long ago, and this comeback is the real thing. In essence, the AH-D7200 model might look like your average high-end Over-ear headphone pair, but there’s a big secret behind it. Denon took EISA Awards by storm with AH-D7200, and we’re here to record the transpired events.

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Namely, the AH-D7200 comes outfitted with a set of unique, outstanding features we’ve seldom seen before. First, there’s the walnut cup design which provides superior noise isolation and ambient noise reduction. Secondly, the sheepskin leather band looks cool while still being able to provide comfort and durability.

Additionally, the feature that earned the Award is the “FreeEdge” driver. Better yet, it’s the “FreeEdge” drivers – the lustrous, ultra-bright sound rushing straight into your ear canals comes from them.

Basically, the Denon’s AH-D7200 is something you don’t want to miss out in 2017

But you should be aware of the fact that these headphones cost quite a lot. They’re the newest high-end headphones, boasting unprecedented performance, so it’s quite obvious that they belong to the “expensive” price point category.

Nevertheless, the value behind AH-D7200 is tremendous. You just “can’t put a price on comfort”. In essence, this pair of headphones will take you to places you thought unimaginable, just make sure you have enough cash for the ride.

EISA Awards Honorable Mentions

EISA awards were a battleground of giants, that much is certain, but it wasn’t all about Denon and Sennheiser. Some of the most important Award-winning models were:

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