Sony has added WS620 series to the impressive lineup of Walkmans in its portfolio. The latest Sony Walkman lands with a remarkable weather-proof feature that would allow the music lovers to train in any terrain, from diving into the ocean to trekking across bitterly cold, treacherous mountainous regions.

Sony WS620

Design & Specs

The newly launched Walkman series includes the NW-WS623 and NW-WS625 versions. The NW-WS623 model comes in black, blue, grayish-white, and lime yellow colors.  NW-WS625 has been released only in black color.

Sony WS620

The small, lightweight, compact, and slim design of the WS620 series makes it easy to lug around.

The WS620 targets the Sports Persons, especially those who love outdoor sports. The Bluetooth and NFC connectivity options ensure seamless pairing.

Sony WS620

NW-WS625 comes with a whopping 16 GB on-board storage. On the contrary, the watered down NW-WS623 version lands with 4GB of internal memory. Both the versions are backed by a powerful battery featuring the Quick Charge feature.

NW-WS620 can deliver approximately 60 minutes of playback when charged for a mere three minutes. The fully charged WS620 series can last up to 12 hours of MP3 (128kbps) playback or 10 hours of Linear PCM (1411kbps) playback. The battery takes 1.5 hours to charge completely.

Sony WS620

The WS620 series is IP65/IP68 certified, implying that the Wireless Walkman is Water and Dust-proof and can survive for 30 minutes in water as deep as two meters. Sony certifies that the sports wireless Walkman can withstand temperatures as low as -5 degree Celsius.

The compact WS620 series weighs only 32 grams and is 35 percent smaller than the older sibling, the WS610 series.

Sony WS620

The WS625 package also includes a Remote Control besides the USB cradle, USB cable, and one set each of regular and swimming earbuds.

Connectivity and Sound Quality

The WS620 flaunts various connectivity options including Bluetooth tethering as well as one-touch NFC pairing. The longer battery life allows the audiophiles to enjoy 4-hours of non-stop Bluetooth playback with the Ambient Sound Mode inactive. However, the Bluetooth connectivity is not available in the NW-WS623 Walkman when used under water; it also requires separate ear buds for use in the water.

Sony WS620

The latest series of weather-proof Sony Walkman features an Ambient Sound mode, the unique noise control technology that allows the listener to keep in touch with the surroundings.

Sony WS620

The ease of use is ensured by the Drag and Drop feature that allows Bluetooth connectivity to other devices like laptops to add new audio files. The NFC or Bluetooth streaming also ensure a seamless sound experience. The audio quality is further enhanced by the Dynamic Normalizer.

Learn more about the WS620 Wireless Walkman series by Sonny in this video:


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