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MEE Audio M6 PRO Musicians In-ear headphones



Isolate noise

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Detachable cables

Deep bass

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Dynamic Sound

Premium coils, 5µm diaphragm, and latest sound drivers in MEE Audio M6 PRO headphones produce luxurious sounds. Whenever you listen to music with these headphones, you will feel that delivered sounds are more engaging, precise, and dynamic. You will never have to listen to such quality sounds than ever before. Therefore, enjoy detailed, crisp, and clear sound with your own MEE Audio M6 PRO headphones.

Isolate Noise

Protecting your sensitive ears, MEE Audio M6 PRO headphones sharply stop the external unpleasant noise. You will surely listen to phone call or music at lowest volume level without any distortion. Moreover, the ultra-soft foam ear tips of MEE Audio M6 PRO headphones perfectly fit your ear canals. Therefore, no noise enters ears. So, make you listening experience more comfortable and buy your own MEE Audio M6 PRO headphones at once.

Inline Microphone

Attached to wire an inline microphone enables you to receive any phone call. Moreover, the position of the microphone is very comfortable. You can easily convey your message to beloved without any cross sound or distortion. For controlling all functions of MEE Audio M6 PRO headphones, a button is attached for your comfy. Now you can easily adjust the volume with this button.

Detachable Cables

For your convenience and easy packing, manufactures especially designed detachable cables with MEE Audio M6 PRO headphones. No doubt these cables are tangle-resistant and internally braided for maximum durability. Therefore, you can attach them with ear buds without wasting any time. Moreover, if you attached MEE Audio M6 PRO headphones with perfectly compatible devices, you will enjoy unbeatable sounds.

Mono Cable

With mono cable, you can mix the channels or two earpieces on a single earpiece. Therefore, MEE Audio M6 PRO headphones are perfect for those who have lost permanently their one ear or have any injury in the ear. Moreover, the earpieces of these headphones are ultra-soft. So, they perfectly fit ears by eliminating the chance of re-adjusting.

MEE Audio M6 PRO Headphones’ Specifications

  • Stereo adapter: 6.3mm
  • Clear sound
  • Diaphragm: 5µm
  • Premium sound coils
  • Hi-fi drivers
  • Jack size: 3.5mm
  • Reduces noise
  • Two earbuds
  • Two detachable cables
  • Spare cable
  • Carrying case
  • Two shirt clips
  • User manual
  • Available colours: Clear, Smoke

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