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MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones


Enhanced bass

Memory wire

Actively cancels noise

Motivational sound

Certified sweat/water-resistant

Best for sports

12 months warranty



Secure to Fit

MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones are very comfortable due to locked-in fitting. With patented design, the ultra-flexible wire, highly compatible earpiece, and noise-free cable are joined together to make MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones. The memory wire follows your delicate ears. Moreover, this wire eliminates the chance of adjusting the earphone again and again.

Ear-Shaped Earpieces

The earpieces of MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones are designed according to the structure of your ears. That is why they don’t slip out while you are jumping, running, jogging, exercising, pushing up, or walking. Additionally, these earpieces are made up of durable plastic to make them scratch-resistant. You should buy your own MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones at once.

Noise-Free Cable

These luxurious MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones have noise-free and tangle-resistant cable. Side by side premium sound drives this cable also filters the remaining residues of noise. Whenever you wear MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones, you will feel that you are living in a peaceful environment.

Silicone Ear-Tips

For delivering more energetic sound, MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones have soft silicone ear tips. These tips passively reduce noise. In short, the luxurious MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones have both active and passive noise reducing technologies. Therefore, you listen to only pure, natural and precious sounds with booming bass.

Motivational Sound

The motivational sound of MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones makes you energetic. Moreover, the sounds produced by these headphones are dynamic, clear and supported with bass. You can feel and listen to low volume because noise reduction technology blocks permanently the unpleasant external sounds. There is an inline microphone for calling to anyone. You can control all functions of these headphones with a button holding remote. You can change the volume, bass and response to any call with these buttons. So, enjoy quality sound and stay directed towards your aim with MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones.

MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Headphones’ Specifications

  • Deep bass
  • Water-resistant
  • Isolates noise
  • Especially designed microphone
  • Shirt clip
  • Cable cinch
  • Matching carrying case
  • Ear tips pairs: six
  • Perfect for sports
  • One year warranty
  • Available colours: Purple, Pink, Orange, Clear, Black

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Black, Clear, Orange, Pink, Purple



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