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Parrot Zik Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphone


Adjustable volume

Automatic control

Audio suite

Perfect for phone calls

Active Noise Cancelling

Compatible with iOS devices



Adjustable Volume

Parrot Zik Headphone is full of functions. You can control these functions by sliding finger on touch penal. This touch penal is very sensitive that is why it sharply responses to your finger touch. For controlling volume, move any finger on touch penal in a vertical direction. As your finger goes upward, volume increases and vice versa. Moreover, you can change songs with this sensitive touch penal. If you slide your finger in a horizontal direction the song will automatically change. So, enjoy soft touch penal and order your own Parrot Zik Headphone now!

Automatic Control

Parrot Zik Headphone is an ultra-sensitive headphone. Therefore, it works with your head touch. When you remove this headphone, the streaming song will set on hold. Similarly, when you again wear Parrot Zik Headphone the streaming song will start again. Because of this function, the battery of this headphone works for long hours.

Audio Suite App

The downloadable app of Parrot Zik Headphone is the audio suite app for iOSAndroid and Microsoft Platform.  Therefore, free downloading of this app, let you allow to control streaming music cordlessly. Moreover, this app is helpful to set the desired bass, sound, and volume of music.

Answer To Phone Calls

With highly-sensitive touch penal, you can answer/terminate/reject any phone call. For terminating phone call simply touch the panel that is fixed on right ear-cup. If you keep your finger over touch for 2 seconds, the call is rejected automatically. Moreover, horizontal finger touch connects you with a caller. So, enjoy these functions and buy your own Parrot Zik Headphone at once.

Active Noise Cancelling

Another elegant feature of Parrot Zik Headphone is its ability to cancel noise. Moreover, you can on the ANC whenever you pass through the noisy area. Similarly, you can off this function while you are sitting at a peaceful place or in an office to answer your boss or colleague.

Compatible Devices

The perfectly compatible device with Parrot Zik Headphone is android smartphone and iPhone. Moreover, you can connect this headphone with any Bluetooth holding device. So, download audio suite and sharply connect yourself with the world.

Parrot Zik Headphone’s Specifications

  • Cancels noise
  • Touch penal
  • Audio suite
  • Powerful battery
  • Super sound and bass
  • NFC and Bluetooth
  • Frequency range: 10Hz to 20KHz
  • Battery type: lithium ion
  • Analogue line: 3.5mm
  • Battery time: 6-hour (when all functions are ON)
  • 18-hour: when ANC is ON
  • Standby time: 24 hour
  • Available colours: Black Gold, Yellow Gold

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