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Sentey LS 4215 Oryon plus Headphones

Superior sound

Omnidirectional microphone

Soft earbuds

9mm drivers

Extremely comfortable

Perfect for all



Enjoy Superior Sound

New premium drivers enhance the sound quality of Sentey LS 4215 Oryon plus Headphones. These drivers not only polish sounds but also reduce noise from your surroundings. In short, these headphones take you in a new world of jamming music. Because all sounds produced by these headphones meet the standard of hi-fi studio. Even a simple track becomes outstanding when you listen to it via Sentey Headphones. So, get a stylish look with premium Sentey LS 4215 Oryon plus Headphones.

Omnidirectional Microphone

A standard quality microphone supports uninterrupted phone calls. Now share your feelings with beloveds freely with Sentey LS 4215 Oryon plus Headphones. The silicone ear tips of these headphones are ultra-soft that never injure your ears. Moreover, the microphone in these headphones is omnidirectional with is responsible for strong audio quality. The long flat cable is easy to use. You can freely wear Sentey LS 4215 Oryon plus Headphones while you are doing fitness training in a gym. The quality of voice never changes when you receive a call in a noisy environment. Therefore, buy your own Sentey LS 4215 Oryon plus Headphones instantly!

9mm Drivers

The supreme quality 9mm drivers deliver precious sounds without sacrificing clarity and depth. Because these drivers have balanced deep bass. Therefore, you can listen to pop music, rock music, and classic music with superb sound performance. Moreover, you can play games by connecting Sentey LS 4215 Oryon plus Headphones with a gaming device. All gaming sounds trigger your enthusiasm when you listen to gaming sounds with these headphones. So, let Sentey LS 4215 Oryon plus Headphones be the part of your life at once.

Extremely Comfortable

Suppressing ambient noise, this lightweight Sentey LS 4215 Oryon plus Headphones are extremely comfortable. Their silicone tips, refined cutting-edges, flat cable, gold-plated efficient plug, deep bass, inline microphone, soft foam padding, and hi-fi drivers make these headphones perfect for you.


Sentey LS 4215 Oryon plus Headphones are perfectly compatible with MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple devices, Samsung, Kindle, Android, Sony, and other models of smartphones.

Sentey LS 4215 Oryon plus Headphones’ Specifications

  • Super bass
  • 9mm diaphragm
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 10Hz to 20 kHz
  • Stereo sound
  • Titanium plated components
  • Removable 1.2 meter cord
  • Rated power: 1mW
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Available colour: Black

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