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Sentey ThorX LS-4430 Headphone

Powerful headphone

Stainless steel solid frame

Phone call microphone

Extremely comfortable

Designed for all professionals


Powerful Headphone

Sentey ThorX LS-4430 Headphone with smooth surface one of the powerful headphones. Whenever you listen to music with this headphone you will jam at your place. Because the sounds produced by Sentey LS-4430 Headphone are natural, exact and crystal clear. Moreover, the ear pads of this headphone are the best solution to noise. The leather over memory foam is of premium material. That is why it sharply stop noise outside. So, let you a step forward and enjoy latest stereo sounds with Sentey ThorX LS-4430 Headphone.

Stainless Steel Solid Frame

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For maximum durability experts of Sentey selected stainless steel solid frame for Sentey ThorX LS-4430 Headphone. With this frame, you will feel no weight over your ears or head. Because all components of Sentey ThorX LS-4430 Headphone are lightweight.

Foam Padding

Headband and ear cups of Sentey ThorX Headphone are padded with super quality memory foam. Therefore, you feel maximum comfort when you wear this headphone. This padding is water-resistant, so, it keeps your ear sweat-free. Even regular long time wearing of ThorX LS-4430 Headphone never damage you hearing ability.

Super Microphone

Super Sentey ThorX LS-4430 Headphone has the super microphone for maximum phone calls. Now you can stay connected with your beloveds for day and night with this headphone. The super sound quality will entertain you without any interruption. Moreover, ThorX headphone has a detachable flat wire. With this wire, you can connect easily this headphone with any external device. For listening to music, this LS-4430 Headphone is perfect. So, bring colors to your life and shop your own headphone now.

Extremely Comfortable

Sentey ThorX LS-4430 Headphone is extremely comfortable. Because it rotates at 100 degrees. Moreover, this unique design allows you to rotate the tilt of headphone at 20 degrees. You can fold this headphone and make it your companion while you are in aircraft or airplane. Because this premium luxurious Sentey ThorX LS 4430 Headphone is designed only for you.


Sentey LS-4430 ThorX Headphone is highly compatible with MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple devices, Samsung, Kindle, Android, Sony, PCs, tablets, and all smartphones. With a simple controlling system, you can answer/reject/terminate any call and play/pause streaming music. So, order the award-winning Sentey LS-4430ThorX Headphone instantly.

Sentey ThorX LS-4430 Headphone’s Specifications

  • 40mm drivers
  • Noise controlling
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20 KHz
  • Impedance: 269 ± 15%
  • Detachable cable
  • Available colours: Black, Grey

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