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Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone

Trendy headphone

Detachable cable

Durable material

High performance 40mm drivers

Foldable structure

The best headphone for travel



Trendy Headphone

Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone with elegant features is a trendy headphone. The whole structure of headphone is very durable. Moreover, the sounds delivered by this headphone are pure, exact and noise-free. Apparently looks stylish, Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone has protein leather covering and pure metal straps. You can adjust the headphone by sliding metal straps inward or outward. Moreover, ear cups of Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone are closed back. Therefore, no noise enters your ears. So, live a stylish life with Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone. Order it now!

Detachable Cable

Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone comes with a detachable cable for safe storage. The cable is made up of pure copper for standard sound transmission. Whether you travel in airplane or bus you can detach the cable and place the foldable headphone in a carry bag. Now no need to bend the cable in an improper way. Moreover, the durable coating over the cable makes it crack-free. So, feel luxurious and buy your own Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone at once.

Durable Material

Full of comfy Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone is coated with UV layer. This coating makes headphone scratch-free. Moreover, with a superb coating, you will feel relaxed. Because the smooth surface and foldable ear cups make your listening duration awesome. The inner structure of the headphone is of top quality. Side by side having lightweight, Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone has a diaphragm coated with titanium. This titanium coating enhances the efficiency of speakers. Therefore, bring change in your lifestyle and order Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone instantly.


Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone is perfectly compatible with MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple devices, Samsung, Kindle, Android, Sony, and other models of smartphones. This wide range of compatible devices is due to the 3.5mm jack size of Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone. Moreover, you can use this headphone wherever you are.

Sentey Warp LS-4422 Headphone’s Specifications

  • Super bass
  • 40mm diaphragm
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20 kHz
  • Stereo sound
  • Titanium plated components
  • Removable cord
  • Rated power: 40mW
  • Input power: 100mW
  • 3.5mm jack
  • UV coating
  • Available colour: Black/Red, Black

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