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Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Supreme Sound Earbuds

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Supreme sound

Natural vocals

Rich bass

Flat cable



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Supreme Sound

Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds are budget-friendly. Moreover, they produce stereo, enjoyable, and accurate audio sounds. In all objective and subjective tests, these earbuds showed 100% results. Objective means these earbuds are tests with special tools. In subjective tests, human listeners have passed the precious sounds of Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds. Moreover, experts used hi-fi equipment in the manufacturing of these earbuds. Therefore, you can buy your own Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds confidently.

Rich Bass

Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds produce precious sound for maximum enjoyment. Moreover, you can set the required level of bass for any song. Rich bass enhances the beauty of sound. So, feel the music in your blood with Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds. For absolute accuracy, experts adjust mini HD microphones in these earbuds. Therefore, you can answer any phone call without approaching to your mobile phone. With HD sound, you will really enjoy the streaming song. So, live a luxurious life with Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds.

Flat Cable

Cable is a bridge that connects you with the world. Moreover, this cable is tangle-free for your convenience. This smooth cable has a metallic plug at one end and earbuds on the other end of the cable. For connecting Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds with any IOS device, insert the plug into the headphone jack of any device. On this flat cable, there are buttons for controlling all functions. You can increase or decrease the volume of caller or music. In short, Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds are designed keeping in mind your comfort. You just order these earbuds, your comfort is guaranteed.


The weight of any product matters a lot. Therefore manufacturers produce feather-like lightweight Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds. These earbuds don’t put any burden on your muscles. Even after hours of use, you mood remain fresh. Moreover, the stereo sounds keep your memory sharp. So, you can wear Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds while you are in the office for efficient working.

Perfect For Sports

As the earbuds are ultra-soft, that is why they fit your soft ears perfectly. For quick fitting, slightly twist Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds and insert them into your ears. On doing this you can keep in touch with the world while you are in the home or in an office. Moreover, Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds are perfect for jumping, jogging, running, walking and any other physical activity.

Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds’ Specifications

  • Stereo sound
  • Button control system
  • Hi-fi speakers
  • Long flat cable
  • Metallic plug
  • Silicon earbuds
  • Available colour: Black

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