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Sony MDR J10 H.Ear Headphone


Soft vertical clip

Superior sound

Purifies sounds

13.5mm driver

Deep bass

Perfect for sports



Soft Vertical Clip

Sony MDR J10 Headphone is designed differently. Therefore, you feel more comfort when you wear this headphone. The soft vertical ear clips make the headphone perfectly adjustable. These ear clips are made up of very soft flexible plastic. Therefore, clips never break even you twist them. Moreover, Sony MDRJ10/GREEN Headphone remains fixed to ears with the help of soft ear clips. Producing no irritation or injury to your ears, Sony MDRJ10 Headphone is the only luxurious headphone for you. So, order it now.

Superior Sound

Sony MDRJ10 Headphone delivers the clearest and superior sound. Because the drivers, speakers, and sound coils are of premium quality. The diameter of sound drivers is 13.5mm which sharply reduces external unpleasant sounds. Therefore, you listen to filtered, high-quality, and precious sound. Moreover, the ear tips of Sony MDRJ10/GREEN Headphone are fit to your delicate ears perfectly. For using this headphone, fit the ear clip vertically and press the ear tip to your ear. Once you set the headphone, insert the jack into any device and enjoy an unlimited collection of songs. Experts are sure, that you will listen interruption-free sound. Therefore, confidently buy your own Sony MDR-J10 Headphone instantly.

Deep Bass

Sony MDRJ10 Headphone produces sounds meeting the current standards of the music industry. Therefore, with deep bass, you can produce unbeatable sounds. By listening to such stereo sounds your heart will beat with joy. You will feel the music and can receive the message of a singer in a clear way. Moreover, you can wear Sony MDRJ10/GREEN Headphone while you are dancing. It will help you in understanding music lyric. With this headphone, you will never miss a step of the dance. Because its noise reduction technology keeps your attention toward the music. So, let you perfect in dance with Sony MDRJ10/GREEN Headphone.

Perfect for Sports

Sony MDRJ10/GREEN Headphone is perfect for sports. Whether you dance, jump, run, walk, exercise, or drive a car you can wear this headphone. Moreover, for hiking, biking, jogging and shopping this headphone is perfect for you. You can connect Sony MDRJ10  Headphone with any IOS device.

Sony MDR J10 Headphone’s Specifications

  • Clear sound
  • Deep bass
  • 13.5mm drivers
  • Ear clip
  • Reduces sound
  • Adjustable volume
  • Comfortable design
  • Available colours: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White

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