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SoundPEATS QY7 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds


Comfortable lightweight earbuds

Stops noise-CVC 6.0

4.1 Bluetooth

Sweat resistant

Automatic multiple device pairing

Designed only for you

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Comfortable Earbuds

The package of SoundPEATS Bluetooth Sports Earbuds contains ear tips of three sizes small, medium, and large. Moreover, ear hooks of 2 different types are designed for your convenience. You can choose the best-fitted ear tip and hook for whole day use. The ear tips are soft silicone rubber structures which fit your ears with a single twist. Moreover, SoundPEATS QY7 Bluetooth Sports Earbuds never slip out of ears when you run fast or engage in any physical movement.

Stops Noise – CVC 6.0

As SoundPEATS Bluetooth Sports Earbuds are fit to ears. Therefore they intelligently stop the noise. Whenever you wear these earbuds, you will feel that your all senses are communicating with each other. In short, the whole surroundings become noise-free with noise-cancelling CVC 6.0 technology. Moreover, tested sound drivers are for stereo sound and reducing noise. So, make your life calm with SoundPEATS Bluetooth Sports Earbuds. Their large number of pieces are in store now!

4.1 Bluetooth

The chargeable SoundPEATS Bluetooth Sports Earbuds are wireless. With Bluetooth 4.1 version, these earbuds sharply connect with two or more devices automatically. For example, you want to listen to songs from one Bluetooth device and call from another. These SoundPEATS Bluetooth Sports Earbuds are perfect for you. Now you can listen to songs as well as important calls at the same time. So, make SoundPEATS Bluetooth Sports Earbuds the part of your life instantly!

Sweat Resistant

Because SoundPEATS Bluetooth Sports Earbuds are sweat resistant. Therefore, they entertain you for many years. The total weight of these earbuds is 3.17 oz. with such super lightweight earbuds you can go for gym, running, biking, walking, jogging, swimming, and other outdoor activity with ease.  Moreover, you wear SoundPEATS Bluetooth Sports Earbuds while you are hiking, camping, driving, cycling, and playing any other sport. Because these earbuds keep you active and healthy for a long time. So, be active and order your own SoundPEATS Bluetooth Sports Earbuds.

Smart Super Battery

If you charge SoundPEATS Bluetooth Sports Earbuds for 2 hours, you will enjoy 6 hours music or talk time. Moreover, the standby time of these earbuds is 145 hours. For receiving calls, an inline HD microphone is fixed in these earbuds. You can easily control all functions with a single soft button control. So, enjoy outstanding multifunctional SoundPEATS Q7 Wireless Sports Earbuds.

SoundPEATS QY7 Bluetooth Sports Earbuds’ Specifications

  • 4.1 Bluetooth
  • CVC 6.0
  • Inline microphone
  • Hooks: 2-types
  • Ear tips: S/M/L
  • Stereo sound
  • Powerful battery
  • Music/call time: 6 hours
  • Weight: 3.17 oz.
  • Available colours: Black, Black Blue, Black Red, Black Yellow, White, White Yellow

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Black, Black-Blue, Black-Red, Black-Yellow, White, White-Yellow



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