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Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphone

$39.95 (as of May 24, 2017, 11:03 pm) & FREE Shipping. Details

Accurate sound quality

Balanced bass

High nots

Percussion cymbals

Two tangle-resistant cords

Designed for your comfort

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Listen to Authentic Sound

Apparently, semi-open and delicate this Superlux HD668B Headphone is durable in use. This headphone meets the latest standards of sound quality. Because of premium drivers, coils and magnets polish all sounds. Moreover, standard foam padding reduces noise and let you listen to music with maximum delight. So, if you love to authentic sound, you should buy your own Superlux HD668B Headphone instantly.

Balanced Bass

The balanced bass Superlux HD668B Headphone is rhythmic as well as harmonic. You will listen to sound having steady rhythm and several harmonious notes. Such high-quality bass produces booming sounds which automatically dance your feet. Moreover, this extra deep bass triggers good feelings of listening to more and more music. With Superlux HD668B Headphone you will surely get rid of traditional sounds. Because this premium headphone produces natural and precious sounds. So, enjoy contoured extremely deep bass with Superlux HD668B Headphone.


There are silver cymbals in Superlux HD668B Headphone. Therefore, this headphone produces sounds with an indefinite pitch and high nots. If you are a professional singer, you will surely understand the features of Superlux HD668B Headphone. So, gift this headphone to your music band partners for communicating accurately. Moreover, you can enjoy all types of music in a luxurious way with Superlux HD668B Headphone. So, shop this headphone online. We are delivering your order very fast.

Foam Padding

The ultra-soft foam padding of headband and ear cups is very plush. To keep your head cool during listening experience, experts fix two square padded pieces of foam on the headband. These pieces maintain a distance between the head and headband. Moreover, protein leather makes Superlux HD668B Headphone more durable. There are 2 tangle-resistant cords for connecting headphone with external devices. These wires are of different lengths. The length of first wire is 1 meter and of the second is 3 meter. You can connect these two wires together and listen to music at the distance of 4 meters.

Perfect for Recordings

With all matchless features, Superlux HD668B Headphone is perfect for super recordings. You can freely use this headphone inside and outside the studio. The sound quality will never change even after long hour’s usage.

Superlux HD668B Semi-OpenHeadphone’s Specifications

  • Durable wired headband
  • Premium foam padding
  • Deep bass
  • Super sound
  • Two cords
  • Extra plugs: included
  • Carrying pouch
  • Semi-open style
  • Reduces noise
  • Perfect for studio
  • Available colour: Black

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