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TREBLAB XR500 Earbuds

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Enjoy crisp sound

Move freely

Durable battery

Noise cancelling earbud

Changes lifestyle

Perfect for Bluetooth devices

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Crisp Sound

The mission of TREBLAB experts is to win the heart of people with crisp and delicious sounds. Therefore they designed and fit guaranteed parts in these earbuds. Moreover, the hi-fi drivers reduce noise sharply to make sounds clearer. If you buy your own TREBLAB XR500 Earbud, you will be satisfied with its performance. With refined finishing, this earbud doesn’t produce any injury to ears. So, forget all old fashioned, long wired headphones and order TREBLAB XR500 Earbud at once.

Move Freely

With TREBLAB XR500 Earbud you can move anywhere freely. Now there will be no tension of tangle wires and low time batteries. Because TREBLAB XR500 Earbud has replaced all previous models of earbuds. Moreover, the curved hooks provide maximum comfort. The shape of these hooks is compatible to your delicate ears. So, fix TREBLAB XR500 Earbud to ear with hook and move freely all the time. Whether you are running or jumping, this earbud will never come out from the ear. This elegant feature makes TREBLAB XR500 Earbud to most necessary thing of the life.

Durable Battery

Battery life is essential to enjoy long time calls and streaming tracks. Therefore for eternal connection with fellows and family members order your own TREBLAB XR500 Earbud instantly. Because this only earbud has long battery time. You can call to anyone for continuous 9 hours. Moreover, you can listen to streaming rich bass music for the maximum time. Its durable battery will never damage with regular use because it is made up of lithium-ion.


For fast connection with devices, 4.1 Bluetooth exists in TREBLAB XR500 Earbud. Therefore, this Bluetooth sharply connects devices up to 38 feet distance. Moreover, experts of TREBLAB are sure that your conversation will not be interrupted by noise or poor Bluetooth connection. So, be first and order your own TREBLAB XR500 Earbud Now. We are ready to deliver your order!


Especially designed TREBLAB XR500 Earbud is compatible with almost all devices having Bluetooth. Whatever the device model you have, you can buy TREBLAB XR500 Earbud and connect yourself with a colourful world.

TREBLAB XR500 Earbud’s Specifications

  • Quality sound
  • Call/music time: 9 hour
  • Charging time: 2 hour
  • 4.1 Bluetooth
  • Wireless
  • Silicone ear tips
  • Rubber hooks
  • Stereo sound
  • Deep bass
  • Cable organizer
  • Signal range: 38 feet
  • Cancels noise: 6.0 CMC
  • Compatible with all
  • Available colours: White, Black

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